Seeking amp help or thoughts, please :-

Hi :-) I'm a bit of an Audiogon newb (1st post) who's mostly lurked over the years :-) I've had a PS Audio GCC-250 for years now driving a two channel setup with two restored Infinity Kappa 9's. Now, due to a move, I'm forced to sort of "combine" my two channel setup with my A/V setup :-( Even though that isn't my first choice, that decision is made. I've acquired a second set of Kappa 9's to restore (I know, talk about overkill :-) and am building a custom made center channel out of a pair of Kappa 6's I need to face the dreaded "amp decision" :-( I REALLY LOVE the GCC-250 and would more than anything like to find a one piece solution, multi-channel version of a digital integrated. However, I cannot get PS Audio's websight to function with my browser and so was wondering if anyone here might have thoughts on any of either their equipment (PS Audio) or other similar stuff from others (Sim Audio, etc.) that might permit me to build a 5 channel combined A/V Surround and music system using all of these Kappas? Any thoughts? Am I an idiot? Crazy? Is it hopeless? I admit that I don't know squat about multi-channel A/V, although I do have a pretty nice SACD setup in two-channel. Thanks in advance for both your time and assistance...I am VERY grateful to anyone who shares their thoughts. THANKS!
Looks like PS audio is having website trouble, I could not load it either.

You could just get a 7.1 receiver from a company like Denon.
Hi Greg, and thanks truly for your response. Unfortunately, the Kappas I want to drive would absolutely destroy any sort of "normal" amp in no time (no joking). Most everything in the way of multichannel receivers wouldn't even come close to driving them :-( Almost certain that I'll need something class D. Nontheless, THANKS!
Check out Wyred 4 Sound amps.
I don't have any answers for you but I just wanted to say I like what you are trying to do.

The only thing I can say ia maybe buy a seperate AV pre amp/processor and 5 mono amps or so.
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how about running active speakers either 3 of them or going with 2 and no center channel (phantom )
PS Audio also makes 5- and 7-channel power amps based on the same gain cell/switching technology of the GCC-250. That doesn't solve your multi-channel preamp problem, but if you like the sound of a GCC-250 driving Kappa 9s, a multi-channel amp of the same technology and abilities will solve that part of it. I can't get onto the PS Audio site right now either, but here's a Stereophile review of a 3-channel version, which also shows what a 7-channel version looks like with the lid off.

I know there are some excellent, highly regarded high-powered multi-channel A/V receivers. Call me old-fashioned but I'm still a firm believer of keeping all that transformer vibration and big capacitors on a separate chassis from the delicate digital and low-level analog circuits of the pre/pro part.

So the next question would be how fancy and up-to-date a pre/pro would you need? If you get a PS Audio multichannel amp, you need a multi-channel pre/pro. But if you're content with last-gen audio decoding with a 5.1 or 7.1 analog input to accommodate future players, you can get a really good pre/pro for under $1K. For example, Outlaw Audio has marked down their Model 990 Pre-Pro to $699, and I can tell you that that's a good-sounding unit. It also has 7.1 ch analog inputs, so if you later get a Blu-ray player with internal processing (such as the new Panasonic DMP-50), you can play the new uncompressed surround codecs without buying a more current, way more expensive design.
I see what you mean about the speakers (didn't look at the specs.) I wonder what happened to PS Audios' site?
Thanks to many for your thoughts/help :-) Klipshfan...thanks a TON for the link...I'll check into that. Mordante...unfortunately, I don't have the room for 5 separate amps :-) Ericjcabrera...I like your ideas, but I'm not really sure that I fully understand...I'm pretty slow sometimes...also true w/what Rleff has suggested...? Johnnyb53, you're right on with what I WANT...but how to get there? I've not seen ANY "highly regarded high-powered multi-channel A/V receivers" that I thought could even come close to driving the Kappa 9's...but, I'm LOOKING! Don't have to worry about transformer vibration and/or big caps with a gain-cell setup...thus my desire for PS Audio et. al. I'm very un-knowledgeable about such stuff, but a 5.1 setup should be fine...except that I wouldn't have the ".1" subs SHOULD be needed since each of the "surround" speakers in this case has TWO 12" woofers to begin with :-O What would a sub even DO then? But, how would I strip that signal out and re-route it to the 4 surrounds? I think I'm just getting even MORE confused :-( In any case, thanks to all who've shared and I'll keep checking back. Anyone else have thoughts? THANKS!
Hey!! looks like they are back online.