Seeking advice on vibration control for a Hydra

I was moving my equipment around this weekend and moved my Hydra to a new location and used ebony cones to support the Hydra. The music was not involving, I wasn't taping my toe like I used to. I worked backwards and realized I changed the cones, put the brass cones back in place and all was well again. The difference was pretty major. I am wondering if others hear such a difference with the Hydra and what has been most effective support devices you have tried.
I recently put a set of Aurios 1.2s between my Hydra and the Polycrystal rack it sits on. As I was playing around with Aurios under other pieces of equipment at the time, I wasn't convinced I was getting a lot of effect from the Hydra set. Then I took them out to try the under another piece of equipment... and the sound became less defined, marginally so, perhaps, but enough to make a different to me: a little more like the slightly blurry sound I got from the Hydra when it was on the carpet before putting it on a proper stand. So, yes, there's a difference.
Go to I bought their sistrum racks and they are fanstastic. I won't hype them more you can read their stuff, they work.
I was stunned at the positive effect that a set of Walker Audio Valid Points under my Hydra. I only use the points not the discs
I have my hyrda on DH cones/squares on a Arcici suspense rack. the hydra seems very senstive to vibes....