Seeking advice on tube amps

So, I have decided that I would like to step on over to tube amps. So far I have 2 different amps in mind

1. Genesis m60 monoblocks
I have heard great things about these amps from personal friends, to a great review in 6moons, although I have not heard them in my system.

2. McIntosh MC275 v4 or v5
I have heard this amp at a mc dealer but not in my own system.

My speakers are currently paradigm studio 60 v3 91db 8ohm.
They are the next thing to be upgraded after the amps.

So of those 2 choices, does anyone have any input of the 2?, or more amps to add to the list the fall into the same price point / performance level?

I have also entertained the idea of looking into SET amps with high efficiency speakers, but I don't want horns or some really funky looking speaker. I know some exist out there, I have just been finding it hard to find the information on it.
I don't know that I necessarily buy all of this 'you must pick the speaker first' talk. I know many who choose the speaker around the amplifier....SET fans for instance. They choose to enjoy the SET sound, then go out and find speakers that cater to the flea-powered amps.

In a system, one does rely upon the other, amp and speakers, however, which one is the priority is up to the system coordinator.

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To the OP, what source and preamp?,very important,if you are interested in say a Mac 275, what preamp and source will bedriving it ?, I have like 5 systems in my house, one of which is around a small pair of B&W cm2, a whopping $900/pair of book shelf speakers, I can dramatically change the sound with the electronics I have, I mean DRAMATICALLY,which shows me the speaker is at the mercy of what you feed it.

If someone is basically starting from scratch,they need to look ath the whole system as just that....a system, not just pick speakers and go from there.
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For the most part I agree with you. I'm just playing devil's advocate here, as I do know folks who have fell in love with the sound of a specific amplifier, and proceed to find speakers that best suit the amp. Granted, most do it the other way around, but as in all things audio, there are always exceptions to every