Seeking Advice on Stereo/HT Setup

Hi All,

I'm a relative HT newcomer and am looking for advice on the most
effective way to set up a stereo and HT system in the same room and on
the same speakers. I'd love your advice on setting up the
interconnects, speaker cables etc so I can use both stereo and HT
without the hassle of swapping out cables etc. Thank you for your

Here are my components so far:

Logitech Squeezebox (for streaming FLACs from my PC)
Cambridge Audio DacMagic
Cary SLP-05 (for stereo pre)
Adcom GFA-555 (for stereo amp)
Arcam AVR-600 (for HT/surround)
Oppo BDP-103 (Blu-ray video and SACD)
Vandersteen 2ceSig IIs (mains; bi-amp/bi-wire capable)
Vandersteen 2W (subwoofer)
Vandersteen VSM-1 (surrounds)
It looks like your Cary preamp has HT Bypass, you simply connect your processor to the HT Bypass input s per Cary's instructions (I assume they have this. Your main front amp/speakers connect to the Cary preamp outs.
I concur with Bdgreg also. You already have everything you need to integrate a 2 channel system into your HT system.

I took a look at the back pannel of the Cary you have. Run two interconnects from the L/R main pre-outs on the Arcam AVR to the Cinema L/R inputs on the Cary. Then run another pair of intercommects from the Cary's main outputs into the Adcom amp. Then use the Arcams internal amps for your center, surrounds, etc. No swapping cables - the Adcom amp will always be used to drive your L/R main speakers whether you are listening to 2 channel via the Cary or HT via the Arcam. You may have to press a button. most likely on the Cary. Consult your owners manual.
I use a SLP-05 in this type of configuration. Connect you main speakers to the Cary/Adcom and the center, surrounds to the Arcam. If you want to use the sub just from home theater, just connect it to the Arcam. If you want to use it for both HT and stereo, it is more complicated. I would stick to using the sub just for HT to start.

First, connect the Pre Amp R and L RCA outputs on the Arcam to the Cinema In connections on the SLP-05. On the SLP-05, the right most toggle engages the Cinema In mode. It is simply a relay that completely bypasses the electronics on the SLP-05, connecting the cinema inputs to the outputs. You can even turn it off and the cinema bypass still works, just be careful if you are using the SLP-05 to trigger the Adcom. Personally, I just leave my SLP-05 on all the time. Then just redo the Arcam setup (crossover, speaker levels, filters).

You should connect your 2 channel inputs directly to the SLP-05. So for the Oppo, you connect the HDMI to the Arcam for BluRay and DVD and the L&R RCA outputs to the SLP-05 for stereo (through one of the normal SLP-05 AUX inputs). The DacMagic probably just goes to the SLP-05. If you want to do multichannel music (like DVD-A or SACD multichannel) from the Oppo, just use the HDMI input to the Arcam, like you would for a Blu-Ray. But, remember, using the Cinema In inputs, means that none of the SLP-05 pre-amp is used. The Arcam becomes the pre-amp for the L&R.

I find this setup works very well. The only issue is when I forget to reset the toggle when going from 2 channel back to the receiver, which means I have not R&L speakers.

Good luck. Nice system.
Thank you both for taking the time to reply. This is already a very helpful thread for me.
quick follow-up. i have this setup up and running now and it's working great. thank you all!
Enjoy! Great setup.
Thanks Dtc! One more Q for you: for your slp-05 do you leave the power supply and the preamp on at all times, or just the power supply? do you do this with other components such as avr etc? im not sure if doing so would lead to excess wear or power consumption. thx again!
I leave the SLP-05 on all the time, both power supply and preamp. It sort of depends on how often you use it. If you use it daily, the conventional wisdom is to leave it on, which puts less stress on the tubes, since powering on is the worse time for tubes. In home theater mode, you can turn everything off. So, it sort of depends on usage. I am using stock EH tubes and except many years from them. I have had the current ones in about 2 years. But, people go both ways on this.

For the Arcam, I would only turn it on as needed. It is solid state and I doubt it really needs to be on very long to reach its peak performance.