Seeking advice on power conditioners/regenerators

I am wondering whether a power conditioner or regenerator would make a difference in my system, and if so what would you recommend in the "value" price category.
I have no idea if my power is "clean" or "dirty".  What I can say is I live in SoCal, my provider is SDG&E.  I have rooftop solar, panels made by Sunpower (with micro-inverters).  I am connected to the grid.
The components I have "plugged-in" are as follows:
Turntable power supply:  Linn Lingo II
Phono preamp:  PS Audio Stellar Phono
Integrated Amp:  Primaluna Dialogue Premium Integrated
CD Player:  Arcam CD23
Streamer:  Metrum Ambre
DAC:  Metrum Onyx

Thanks for your advice and recomendations.
There is no such thing as a dedicated line. It all goes back to the same place.
Your claim that there's no such thing as a dedicated line would be quite a surprise to the folks who write the National Electrical Code, which requires a dedicated line for some household appliances. In audio, the advantage of a dedicated line isn't (as you mistakenly believe) that it's fed from a different source, but that it feeds only one device.
As far as current draw is concerned, your circuit breaker is going to trip long before you overload the line.
It's not clear what you're trying to say. A circuit breaker's role is to protect the wires in the wall, so it should trip before the wire itself heats up from overload.
All this business with "power conditioning" is lay instinct run amok.
Perhaps if you understood dedicated lines a little better you'd better understand other issues relating to AC power.
Replacing my entire system would cost just shy of $100,000.00.All I use is one 10 socket power strip ...
So? There's no correlation between cost and power requirements nor, apparently, the ability to understand that yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as a dedicated power line.
If power supples cleaned as good as they say, why aren't they all standardized by now? No two manufacturers employ the same design.

Addressing AC is only one part. How many address DC properly? Just a few milliamps of DC will run ruin on any transfomer and will continue to do so for several seconds after DC is dealt with, or gone.

Here is a link to a video on the efficacy of power regeneration and the like:
Yes, he has something to sell but raises some good points.

All the best,
I had the opportunity to compare many options. My choice:
For power amplifiers (using Classe): Isotek Titan/Super Titan. Here, PS Audio smothered the speaker. SR Powercell is excellent.
For sources: the final choice was from PS Audio P10 (less powerful by a level worse) and SR PowerCell (SX better). Each has its own advantages. As a result, my SR SX is connected to the PS P10.
Currently, I would include the Audioquest Niagara and Shunyata Denali in the mandatory test.
I decided to pull the trigger on an Audioquest Niagara 1200.  It’s back-ordered, so I don’t have it yet.
Turns out the PS Audio P3 may be marginal for the power needs of my system.  The Niagara seems like a great value if it does anything good for my system.
I’ll post again after I have had it in my system for a while.
Thanks to the community for your recommendations.