Seeking adv for pc audio set up for Passlabs amps

Hello, I am plan to set up with computer based transport
to my new pass lab pre n p/amps (x10/xa 60.5). Any one having these set up? if yes, share your experience and with your handling products (like PC,HDD,DAC). My plans is ......
pc to hdd thru firware 800 then hdd to dac will be m audio
solo converter (fireware to spdif) then to dac (yet confirmed).

Highly appreciated your feedback on above. Thanks.

I use a computer transport into my Pass Labs XA 100.5 amplifiers. I set up a low powered PC (a Fit-PC Slim) to act as a network player, which feeds a Wavelength Cosecant v3 USB DAC. I use a preamp in between the DAC and amps.

I put a small SSD drive in the Fit-PC Slim, which in turn makes it absolutely silent. The music library is stored on another computer on my home network, outside of the listening room, where I can keep larger and noisier drives.

An advantage of setting up a PC as a network player is that I don't need to keep a keyboard, mouse nor monitor in the listening room. Music selection is done via a Squeezebox Duet remote control, a laptop, or an iPod Touch (or iPhone). You could do something similar with a Mac Mini if you are an Apple user.

I've built many different music servers over the years, tried a number of different DACs and sound cards, but have been most happy with the performance of this particular setup.

I don't know what your DAC budget is, but you would probably get better performance choosing a DAC that can be fed directly by the PC without having to use a converter. I haven't tried the M-Audio solo converter, but I do have a couple of M-Audio sound cards. They are ok, but not outstanding. I would recommend an asynchronous USB or Firewire DAC. Wavelength, Ayre, and Weiss are among the higher end manufacturers of such technology. There are a number of pro audio manufacturers of firewire DACs, and the E-Mu 0404 USB is also asynchronous with very high value to dollar ratio for a budget solution.

You can email me at aljordan at gmail dot com if you would like more information on the various solutions I've tried.

Thank you for your feedback. First of all I am not a familiar person in computers. I need to learn the things.

M/time Can you tell me price for your dac (wavelenth n Ayre)? becoz there is no dealer for those products in my place.

Secondly I will email you for my doubts and about the equipments required.

I believe the Ayre lists for $2500.00 and the Wavelength Cosecant lists for $3500.00.

Alan, Thanks for price list n I have sent the email msg
to your address. Please respond to me your suggestion.

I just bought the USB Ayre QB-9. This is the DAC you want unless you can afford dCS gear.