Seeking a Tidal full MQA streaming DAC

Feature set aside, which of these three units has the overall best/most enjoyable sound. Lumin T2, Aurender A10 or PS audio Direct Stream w/Bridge II. I keep changing my mind as to which one to get. It would be difficult at best to try any of these before buying. If there is something else I should consider please let me know. I need Full MQA, Qobuz, ethernet or wireless is ok. Ripping and storage is not as important to me as streaming(lazy I guess). Any direct knowledge/opinions would be appreciated. I am not particularly tech savvy so I need a little help. I am currently using an OPPO 105 as a transport with a Wyred 4 Sound DAC2V2 SE to my Aesthetix Calypso with PS audio M700 mono amps. I am thinking I can do better with a better source. I have  entry to mid level cabling from Schimtt, Harmonic Technology, Audio Art, Signal Cable and Cullen.
crn3371  I do not have the means to to purchase a new piece without trading in my current piece, such is life in the average income column. 

correct, a fact they do not make clear to buyers - i bought it, learned that, returned it for refund
I researched many many DAC’s recently, and the only one I could find that says it will fully unfold MQA through non-USB digital inputs is the Luxman D-03X. Of course the MQA Streamer/DAC combos typically fully unfold, but the connection from streamer to DAC is internal in those cases.  
Mytek Brooklyn Bridge 
I see that these new DACs are available - TOPPING D90MQA AK4499 DSD512 Bluetooth5.0 USB DAC LDAC Full Balance Decoder
I am currently using a full balanced SMSL SU-8 with the 9038 ESS Sabre chips. Do you think that I could actually hear the difference between these DACs? Any improvement? I can not truthfully discern any improvement in sound between the SMSL unit and the 100 dollar DAC I used before, a PreSonus USB Audiobox recording and playback DAC meant for home recording with a 96K Cirrus chip. I do use balanced cables and a Re-Clocker along with Audirvana and powered monitors

and there is the Gustard A22 with DUAL AKM4499 and MQA - MQA coming this month
a bit more kit at $1150

I am tempted for the Topping D90MQA and with the savings over the Gustard trying a Schiit Freya +