Seeking a Dac to bypass my computer DAC

I just purchased the Edifier R1280T powered loudspeakers for $100.00 per pair from Amazon with free shipping.
The replaced by Logitech computer speakers which were $29.99 per pair.  The difference is night and day. Amazing sound for the price.
Seeking to bypass the dac in my computer and am looking for a USB DAC. Will spend up to $300.00. Not looking to buy used and really appreciate the service that a good dealer provides. Thought about the Schitt Dacs, bu they advised me
via e mail that they do not provide any phone support at all, not before, during or after the sale. To me that means no conversations regarding pre-sale or questions about set up. E mail support to me does not allow for a true "give and take", so I respectfully would never purchase their products. My second choice would be the dragon fly red 2.1, by Audioquest. selling for $199.00, my question is, do I just plug the DAC into the USB port on my computer and set up in my Windows 10 Control Panel and I am ready to go. Do I have to plug anything into the front where a headphone would normally be plugged into?
Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

Thank you. 

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One of the current darlings of the headphone / PC crowd is the Topping DX3. Since I plan to use it with headphones, I really appreciate the external power supply it uses, and it's ability to drive just about any headphone or IEM:

Fiio has also recently introduced the Fiio Q1 Mk II

and still has the E10K.

I am a big fan of the Fiio portables, and I highly recommend their DAC's, but the high output power of the Topping DX3 makes it my choice for headphone listening at my desktop.

OOps, sorry, I guess the latest Fiio is the K3, not the Q1