Seek Tube Amp to Flip-Flop with SS Amp

Having listened to a variety of systems lately, using a variety of sources, I am convinced that some things just sound better using a SS amp and some using tubes. I currently have a McCormack DNA-225 which I like very much. I would now like to add a tube amp to my system so that I can use one or the other without exchanging too many of my existing components, PC, cables, IC's. Would be obliged for suggestions of a tube amp in the $2-2.5K (USED) range. Thanks.

DNA-225 w/H Tech AC-11 - H. Tech Truthlink (copper) IC
Kora Eclipse preamp w/Ensemble Megaflux PC - H. Tech Truthlink (copper) IC
Nottingham Spacedeck - Spacearm w/Tracer#3 & Origin Live w/Dynavector 20
Rega Jupiter CD w/H Tech AC-11 - Nordost Red Dawn IC
Older Sony Tuner - stock AC - Zu Oxyfuel IC
PSB Stratus Goldi's w/H Tech pro9 biwires

Tweaks to numerous to mention.
If I remember, The Stratus Gold i is 90db efficient. If your room's not too big, the Cary Rocket 88 might work like a champ. I use one to alternate (summer and winter) with my Bel Canto EVo2. My N804s are only 87db efficient, but my room's small at 11x13'.
Hi 4Yanx; I'm also considering doing what you are planning so I'll follow your thread with interest. I've been thinking of the ARC VT-50 (which is a "stout" little amp, and also the bigger ARC VT100 MKII. The MKII can somstimes be found near $2.5K, and the VT-50 in the $1700-1800. range. I haven't auditioned them in home though. Good Luck. Craig
On the less expensive side: Rogue 120 or Magnum 88.
Conrad-Johnson now owns McCormack. Many people here on Audiogon seem to like the sound of these two when combined. They have similar specs. If the rest of your system works with McCormack it should inter-face with C-J (at least on paper). Most people think C-J has a "clasic" (for better or worse)tube sound. I am not that familiar with the rest of your gear, but C-J would appear to be a good candidate for your needs.
If your speakers are 90+ and fairly linear, you may have the option of 300B SET as well as Push-Pull.

To my ears, SET beats out push pull every time provided your speakers are efficient enough and you are not a bass freak.

Either way, I would recommend Amps that will allow you the utmost flexibility in tube "rolling". The Cary Rocket 88 and DJH Version of the AES Superamp (Cary subsidiary) are good choices on the push-pull side as you can tinker with several different tube types.

If you want to explore SET and want to keep your present speakers, I think you may have just enough efficiency for a nice 300B Amp. Cary,Welbourne, Sun, Wright Sound Company, Wavelength and others make Amps that will be in the $2000 to $2500 range. Add some Western Electric tubes and you will be in business.

Good luck
Hi, Garfish. I am hoping others will give suggestions that will help the both of us and will look forward to comparing "notes". I, too, had the ARC VT100 MKII in mind for inclusion on my "initial list".

Sibileus: I had not previously given much thought to your suggested SET route but will pursue more information and certainly consider all possibilities.

I have also heard good things from a couple of people with respect to the Kora Galaxy and it providing a good match with my Kora preamp. I do know that the DNA-225 and the Eclipse have a very nice synergy.
Finding a tube amp that works with your preamp is critical. I had a tube amp that sounded bad with my purest sound systems preamp, but incredible with an Audio Research LS3. Meanwhile, the LS3 really messed up the sound of my McCormack DNA 0.5, while Purest Sound System brings out the best in it. So if I want to do the swap, I have to do the Pre and Power amps.

I agree with Craig's recommendation of the ARC VT100. I heard this one recently and was blown away. And I know a couple people who are very happy owners of this one.

Good luck,

Quicksilver V4 mono's ( used ) $2100-$2500. Quicksilver Sliver 60 mono's ( used ) $1100-$1600. not as much punch as the V4's but not bad with 6550's. CJ Premier 11A ( used ) $1500-$2500. Rogue M120 $1000-$1600 used all sounded good to me when my buddy demoed them with your pre. But then he had different cables, different speakers, different interconnects, different source, different room. Maybe different taste...

I also recently heard the new ARC VS55 hooked up to a piar of maggies, not too bad, $2495 new I think. I think you will find that you will need a different interconnects for the tube amp.