Seek Integrated for 1000 dollars, new / used, suggestions?

Hello Everyone,
I am looking for suggestions for an integrated amplifier with a remote for around $1000. I currently have B&W 620i speakers, which I plan to upgrade in the future. I also plan on eventually buying a separate amplifier that I will connect to the integrated for better sound. I like building things in stages rather than all at once and will be able to spend more money this way.

I visited Sound by Singer in NY and listened to the NAD C370 (~$550). I liked it as much as the Arcam A75, but not as much as the new Krell KAV-300iL, which at $3250 was out of my price range. I am not opposed to used / demo gear (KAV-300i maybe?). My CD player is old junk, it is next on the list.

I live in an apartment in the city, so I don't play at very loud volumes, and my listening tastes tend mostly toward electronic and classical music.

Doing this research has been the most fun I've had in a long, long time.

I am looking for thoughts / suggestions.

Thanks to everyone in advance.
Hi Ponzio.

You might want to check the classifieds here on Audiogon for the Audio Analogue Puccini and the Jolida 1501A. Brand new the Puccini sells for between $900 and $1300. Used price is around $500-600. The Jolida can be had used for about the same price.

Some others to consider are the Creek 5350, Simaudio i-5080 and Moon I-5. These range from $800-$1500 used. I've owned the Moon I-5 for a year now and still love it. At $2600 retail it is a bit outside your range, but you might be able to find one here for half that.

I searched for a very long time myself. And yes it was a lot of fun too. However, the journey really only began once I got the Simaudio. From there, I went into a full-on audiophile tweak/upgrade frenzy resulting in the purchase of multitudes of cables and isolation tweaks. Not to mention another set of speakers, a DAC and a transport.

Basically, once I got the amp, I got bit by the bug hard and went much further than I ever thought I would. Proceed with caution my friend.

Good luck and have fun!
For new gear, you could use the Musical Fidelity A3 ($995)
or if you can spend more and want more power, the A300 for $1500 (You might find either of these used but they are not common). Both are superb and have been recommended by Stereophiole, etc. In used gear there are lots of great options including the Krell KAV300i (1200-1500 used), but there are lots of others (YBA, Electrocompanient, Bryston BP60). However, I have to say I am very enamoured of the MF gear right now.
Creek 5350SE. Check into it. Very, very good!
For $650 used $1000 new the Audio Refinement Complete (made by YBA) is a good choice.
Right now there is a Creek 5350R demo on sale at for $1095.
Look for used a Bryston BP-60, with or without phono, with or without remote, depending on the price. The SimAudio recommended would also be an excellent choice. Either will satisfy even with the best accompanying components. Happy listening. dr.joe
Classe CAP-150 or 151 (the 151 is the newer model....mainly cosmetic differences). These are both 150W/8 and are very neutral sounding. The CAP-80 (the 80W version) was formerly a Stereophile Class A integrated.
Rich Brkich from Signature Sound has a few integrated demo units for sale. I'm not sure which have remotes. You can check them out at

I'd look into the Linn Majik - you can find them used for $500-600, new is $1095 (or $1195 with phone input). Extremely musical and compact. I had one in my office for a long time and loved it. It has a remote control and pre-amp outs for future amplification upgrade. -Kirk
I'd vote for the Naim Nait3R. Only around 30wpc but its got great sound.
I've owned the Audio Refinement Complete w/remote and it is a very nice piece at $650 or so used...the Sim I5 is well over your $1000 budget even used. The Creek 5350 can be had for about $1100 used and offers a lot of value and even two sets of spks. The Puccini is a good value by all accounts but I haven't listened to it. I went thru your same dilemma and each time returned to the Naim gear. The 3R can be had for about $650 and I recently purchased a used Nait 5 for less than $1000 with a pair of 17 ft NAC A5 cables terminated and a Chord DIN to RCA interconnect. Don't let DIN connectors and specially made speaker cable deter you you will NOT find a more musical, clear and enjoyable integrated even at twice the price.
The Naim line is known for build quality, PRaT and upgradability. You can later add amp, seperate power supply, and a CD but in the mean time you will enjoy the Nait immensely...the new 5 series offers a lot of the famed rythym and musicality with a dose more punch and detail.
Highly recommended
I agree with Gunbei and DR_joe on the choice of amps.
I am from New York too and I wouldn't go to Sound By Singer because they have all products highly overpriced.
I would go for a Creek 4330 used and spend the remainder on a better CD player. I have owned a lot of amps etc.. and the Creek is darn good. Good luck
It is a single source integrated, if this fits the bill, I think the stereo Job is very hard to beat in this price range. Go to the Goldmund website and check it out. Can be found used for $750-$850.
Audio Refinement still has one of the best SS integrateds in the $1000 price range. Very musical and well built.