Seek amp for Anthony Gallo Ref 3's


I have a pair of gallo ref 3 speakers which I am feeding actually with a marantz pm17mkIII integrated amp and thus I feel comfortable with them, I wonder if anyone has been looking for something more impressive, especially into the bass response of the 10" drivers.

In fact, I am hesitating between getting an other amp and drive the sub-input with the marantz, the other amp beeing in this case whether a shanling stp80 whether a melody h34II or h88II. Or getting a big solid-amp like the new ShengYa A201 or something similar and drive them along with it.

What would be your choice?
I'm running mine with custom-made SET monoblocks (845 outputs), using a Hsu subwoofer amp (500 watts) on the woofers' second voice coils with the crossover at 43 Hz. I can easily fill an 18 x 40' space with this combo, even though the output of the SET amps is just 12 wpc. Great speakers. Enjoy them, Dave
I'm running the top with a McCormack DNA 0.5 (was revision A, but it's back at SMC Audio and going up to Platinum level). I'm waiting for the Gallo SA amp to be released (late this month) which will have both the xover, controls & bass amplifier.

The other thing to consider is the IsoRock GRIII stands, I filled 'em with lead shot and was delighted at the improved sound (gotta believe it's a combination of the height & the damping).

happy listening,