Seek advise on Speaker cable : Viard Audio vs Tellurium Q

My current system:
Bluesound Node 2i > Viard Premium HD Coax RCA out to > Hegel H95 > Supra Ply 3,4s with NHT Classic 2.

Just added this Viard Audio's entry level Coax Cable to the system. Im really really impress with how the sound is now, the cable really make the music somewhat an already great sound from Hegel to even more enjoyable feeling and relax. The sound is smooth and fuller.

The question is whether I should continue with Viard Audio on speaker cable upgrade or Tellurium Q. These two brand seem to have few review.

I'm looking between this two:
Viard Audio Silver HD12
Tellurium Q Black II Speaker Cable

Or any other brands also welcome :)


I have no experience with Viard cables, The Tellurium q black lol speaker cables are superb..They are revealing without brightness, very live sounding , and fast. I started from black end up with black diamond.