Seeing the light

Something new under the sun?

Never tried it, so I can't make a meaningful comment. I suppose that there is some possibility it may do something. If it works for you, then why not use it? I can say that a full-spectrum flourescent light only costs about $20, not the $49 that he is asking for his.

I wonder if I replace the light over my turntable, if it will do anything to improve my vinyl? :^)
There is one born every second.
Amen, Lugnut. Twl, it'll help your vinyl if you have trouble putting the stylus on the record, I'd imagine.
Certain light waves, in particular UV, break plastic down. I wonder if this light source does slightly impact the molecular structure of the plasic.
The $50 lightbulb to shine on your cds works great. I would go for the $120 SE version, its just as clear but not as bright.
I'm skeptical but open to the idea that perhaps the light might indeed do something, although I can't see a component upgrade's worth of difference--but what frosts me is selling a $15-20 light bulb for $50 (plus, if you read the link, to get the maximum benefit you need two of their other tweaks as well).
does this link go with "rolling a fatty" last week?
You can fool some of the audiophiles some of the time, but not this one, this time.
Blkadr, is it the light bulb that is not as bright? Or the potential buyer?
I'd try using a dark green marker pen, and draw a fairly heavy line around the (SE) bulb at it's largest radius when cool, let dry thoroughly.
Think I'll just wait for the MKII version so I don't have to upgrade later.
Rockhead, you never know -- upgrades may be b/wards compatible :)! Suppose I could try it, I have fluorescent bulbs at home s/where...
Hey, we're missing the obvious here. What we really need to do, is to get these bulbs cryo-treated, screw them into cryo-treated hospital grade sockets, use $3000 power cords, and plug them into cryo-treated hospital grade outlets, if we really want them to work right. You know what unwanted power grunge can do to the spectral integrity of your lamp treatments, don't you? And don't forget that these bulbs need to be "burned-in" for at least 200 hours before the treatment will sound right. I find that leaving them on for 24 hours a day really helps to eliminate the required 30 minute warm-up time before use. This way, when I want to play music, I can just "treat, and play" instead of having to wait for my bulb to warm up. However, these are Class B switching bulbs, with hysteresis effect from the ballast transformers, so I am looking into some BTL(ballast transformerless) models if I can find any. Much greater transparency and wider frequency range. And transient response from Off to On is remarkably improved. No phase shift delays. I think that the mods mentioned above are also very good, especially the "green marker" additions. It is well known that the widest area of the bulb has a diffraction effect and inhibits the point-source radiation of the bulb. This can be greatly alleviated by using the green marker around the circumference, which absorbs only odd order harmonic light frequencies, and dramatically lowers total harmonic distortion, especially odd-order multiples, ensuring a very soft, euphonic presentation for the treatment. Failure to use this green marker treatment will result in these odd-order harmonic light frequencies penetrating the CD substrate, inducing a semi-permanent distortion component into the disc.
Overall, I am a big proponent of the use of such cutting-edge technologies, and applaud pioneering moves such as this.
Twl: OK, but what about the quality of power as it arrives AT the house? Ideally you should have a sub-station before the house to control the cycles & ensure constant voltage. THEN, your in-house tweaks may produce the desired results.
Twl, I couldn't have said it better, you ARE a very qualified reviewer, such a detailed report. Guys like us must have BH or Doctors degrees hidden in our audio archives. BTW, thanks for the mention of my marker tweek, it's nice to know we're out there.
Guys, I just got a line on a bulb that blows the SE away at about half the cost! Send me $80 and I will send you a ligtbulb! Free Shipping!
Good, one less thing I need to buy.
...and he complains about normal fluorescent bulbs being "yellow"? Huh? Even the "warm white" ones are pretty cool on that K degree scale, no?