Anybody else having problems getting work done with Greg Collins and Sedonix--the USA Audio Aero repair facility? My unit has been gone over 2 months, never a word, now it seems their website is down.

I had a new transport installed and new cryo tubes installed for a very reasonable price from Analogique in NYC.

Work was done recently and the unit works great and sounds amazing with the new cryoed tubes which were NOS 50s tubes.
I had my AA Capitole repaired by my local tech in St. Louis (Zaw Win @ Alpha Tech). Replaced the Phillips transport and the mini tubes... completed the work in two weeks with no issues. I'd be worried if I were you... sorry.
I have sent my capitole 4 months ago but I got no response recently. I think something happened there.
Do a search here using the word "Sedonix", you'll find some phone numbers for Greg Collins. I've not had to contact anybody about my AA player so I can't comment on Sedonix.
What is wrong with your player and how did you com about sending it to Sedonix?

Good luck,