Second Tone Arm

Hi all:
I have a square motor, Well Tempered Classic TT to which I'd like to add a second tone arm. I've made some inquiries into the feasibility of such an endeavor on other sites, but have yet to secure a definitive answer.
Has anyone tried this; know if this is possible; know how to do it and/or what arms would work?
The original Well-Tempered is almost a one-tonearm table. Stereophile, when they recommended it years ago, mentioned this, but I recall they said that there had been some reports that the Wheaton tonearm worked with it. No idea how you could fit two arms at once onto that table, though.
You will need an armpod to put next to the TT and 12" tonearm because of the increased distance to the spindle. I ordered both by the Reed ( for my Kuzma Stabi Reference. But to enjoy both arms you will also need an phono-pre with two separate inputs for both arms.
There looks like the plinth has room in the back for an additional arm. I just don't want to drill a large mounting hole thru the entire plinth. Are there arm that just screw into the top?
RS Laboratory RS-A1 which is sonically above its current price point(WAY above the original $500 list) in my opinion if you can cope with its idiosyncratic handling characteristics. Always been a bit curious about ViV Laboratory Rigid Float arms. Both of these require no drilling. They just sit on your plinth. Once placed I used two sided tape to further secure its position due to the bulky tonearm cable utilized.
You don't have to drill for a VPI arm....
The ViV looks nice, but at $4k+, it's out of my range. I'll check out the RS- A1 and some VPIs.
Ebuzz, a suggestion -

With some stiff paper make up three templates with pivot to spindle distance for common 9, 10, and 12" arms. As you swing an arc with each you will see where a second arm would be mounted behind the WT plinth. I imagine a 12" arm may work but am unsure about anything shorter.

If you determine that one or more options will fit and not have interference from the mounted WT arm, then proceed with mounting considerations. You could mount a second arm board off the back of your plinth, but that would require drilling somewhere along the back side. Your other option would be to mount the second arm on a weighted pod and position it (freestanding) behind your plinth for correct cartridge alignment.

Good luck.
Thanks, Pryso:

I'll definitely try your template suggestion. Very good idea, thanks.
Ebuzz, you're welcome.

Just be certain to use the pivot to spindle measurement, not the total arm length.

You should find that number for most popular arms on Vinyl Engine for any you don't have.