second time i buy the same amp

Its the second time i purchased the Luxman 550 AII, this time with a totally different experience than when i matched with the big Dali helicons 800 mk2.
all i want to say if you ever find a pair of monitors system audio SA2K
dont let it go, i own linn accurate 242, nola boxer and so on there is none book shelf with the sound stage of this boys.
i am waiting for harbeth compact 7 i dought it if they have the bass of this speakers.
luxman is a super unit to look at and to listen to, so musical than uou forget about time, phono as good or better than my ps audio.
i am using hegel HD11 DAC excellent unit.
i will write my impressions when harbeth land on Monday.
sorry about my english i always make an effort to fit in....