Second/Starter Systems and Thoughts on Components...

Audio is such a rewarding hobby/indulgence/pass time and a part of that is that it is very civil.  Doing no harm to anyone and it revolves around music.  Some of the items I have enjoyed (some greatly) in my bedroom, basement, a starter for a child...etc.  I am a bit older so that has impact on what I have enjoyed.  I have used:

Advent Receiver
Nakamichi SR series receivers
Almost any size of the early Advent speakers.
Most of the early Wireworld or Kimber interconnects/cables. 
Some of the early Magnepan and Martin-Logan speakers
Much of the early Adcom electronics.
Early Fanfare and esp. Magnum Dynalab Tuners
Early Conrad-Johnson and Audio Research seperates
Early BAT seperates

I am sure you can add to this list.  I feel being an older Audio-pile it can help others 
in getting their money worth and might just save time.  So, please share any good 
thoughts you can pass on/share.  It is good if we can avoid "what I have is the best" 
posts and if we are helping people starting inexpensive systems it may be more of 
what we have owned in the past rathe than our current components.  And it has always 
been helpful for me to learn from others experiences.  In the early days of real Audiophile 
shops many, many of the sales staff were very helpful/thoughtful and something I can miss 
in communications today, kind. 

If you're asking how to use this to help a budding young enthusiast, the answer is have them listen. Most people have no idea how much difference they are able to hear between components. Vast majority think its only speakers that matter. Heck even the vast majority on this site think its mostly the speakers. With the gear you have sitting around you could easily swap stuff out and introduce someone to the wonderful world of auditioning and evaluating components. Then after they try it at your place send them home with something to swap out and hear how it sounds in their system- whatever that may be. Along the way you get to teach them how it all goes together, what plugs into what, and how it all works. That's what I would do.
Not asking, simply sharing some thoughts on potential entry level components to consider.  What would you suggest a beginner to possibly look at/listen to?
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What would you suggest a beginner to possibly look at/listen to?

is this for someone you know.....or just a question in general ?

guess it all comes down to what can the person can  spend to put a system together ?       

 seems that a lot of new members want to put together a system, but they dont do their homework and only  look at what is available in their price range and many times the equipment that is available is old and how long before it needs to go in to be updated ?   
then factor the shipping there and back and the cost of the equipment to be updated and now they have more into this piece than what they paid for it .
we all want nice equipment....but sometimes you have to just save up more money and get something that you dont need to update soon after you get it....and also something that will hold its value if you decide to sell it later on.    

It is simply in trying to see if any/all can be helpful to others with beginning/starter sharing of experience/knowledge.  This is a tough concept as our nation seems to be in the grips of a trendy narcissism. 

as i said....a lot is going to depend on what the person can spend.    if the person only has $500 and needs a complete setup, then they are kinda limited....but if they have $3k, then they have more options.
And, like us, a starter system is up to the Buyer to decide(including what they can spend)....what we can do is make some suggestions of what they could consider at various price points.  As most of us have had at times, sometimes the process or journey can be rewarding and even fun. It would seem that anyone that can suggest good components that they have had and had success with might be helpful to a Buyer.  The ones I had suggested are all items I have had success with and at various price points.  I would not tell someone what to buy, but would share my experiences and let them take it from there....and perhaps enjoy the process. 
i have seen many times where members will suggest pieces of equipment that will work with a speaker that they have....or a amp that might work with a preamp, etc....