Second hand vinyl in NYC

Will be in the Big Apple for a week during end Sept/early Oct.Appreciate any advise on scouting for used vinyl. Prefferred genres : rock, female vocal, blues and jazz.
Many thanks and happy listening
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For a little east village shopping check out Academy Records, Gimme Gimme Records, and Good Records. And the Academy Records annex in Williamsburg is also worth checking out.
I don't know which NYC shops are still open, I moved out of there years ago...

I recently got back into vinyl and found the largest record store in the country is here in St Pete Florida!!!!

Banana's music ( houses 3,000,000 records!!!! I spent an hour and couldn't hold any more vinyl so I left, but I will surely be back!!!! I have really been enjoying spinning vinyl, and am amazed to find such a local resource for software, which has only further enhanced my enjoyment!
I second the first post's recommendations of Academy Records (on 10th street between Lafayette and 3rd. They'll let you try records and have a good selection and are very knowledgeable). If you're brave, you'll go to this place:

The Thing
1001 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn NY

They have probably the largest collection in NYC, but it's a pretty gnarly experience. I think everything is 2 bucks and under, and I'd say bring some rubber gloves and just start sifting through. You can find some CRAZY stuff. I know this sounds crazy, but I'd also check craigslist. I purchased a whole collection of 900 records in mint condition from some guy who just wanted to dump them. Costs me 50 cents a record, and I'm talking primo stuff!


Intersection of North 9th St. & Driggs Ave
Brooklyn, NY

The Jazz Record Center
236 w. 26th street room 804--huge selection

Westsider Records (big collection, good stuff)
233 W. 72nd Street, New York, NY, 10023
(212) 874 1588

Anything else is on google!

Westsider Records (big collection, good stuff)
233 W. 72nd Street, New York, NY, 10023
(212) 874 1588

Mostly classical + related. No place better for that. You could spend a whole day digging.

Last time there, with about one hour only to work with, I picked up a lot of very good quality recordings for only about $10 in the 4 for $1 stack in front. I think you could find almost anything classical or related on vinyl there.

For other genres, there is a sister store around the corner and a few blocks up on the right that is more book oriented, but does have a decent but much smaller selection of used vinyl of various types in the non-classical category. Picked up a few decent and sometimes hard to find titles in good shape for $7-$10 dollars each on average here.

For audio equipment, a stop at Sound by Singer downtown will keep you entertained. Lots of good stuff at various price points up to some of the best under 1 roof.

If you listen there though, make sure the equipment is hooked up and functioning properly. I found they have so much stuff on display that not everything hooked up is ready to make a good demo without some triage first up front.
Guys : many thanks. Will carry a spare suitcase!!
Happy listening
Make sure you ask for and GET the full 10% (or more) discount at Academy/Annex...depending on $ spent of course.
Academy's 10th St. store moved to 12th st. between 1st Ave and Ave A.
What's this about a 10% discount at Academy? Maybe I've never spent enough there to get it...
On a recent trip I was promised 10% off on a $100+ cash purchase but found out later that the store short-changed me. When asked over the phone, the store manager fess up to it but also pontificated on the moral principle of “Ha-ha you missed me”. So count your change.