Second hand components that can still kick butt today

Not being a believer that time necessarily = progress, I would like to offer the following examples of sonic gems that have transcended time and can totally kick butt in a modern milieu:
1. Marantz CD5000 al la CD48, Philips Cd753, CDS751: what do these players all have in common:?    the miraculous TDA1549 chip. As Lucas Ficas alias ’Lampizator‘ has described this chip is a killer and  probably the best Philips has produced. If you take the output straight from the chip via high quality output caps the sound quality is right up there with megabuck players.
2. The Robertson 4010. I got one of these about two years ago because it was in immaculate condition, the price was so low and I was inquisitive. I hooked it up and let it warm up for a couple of days. OMG this thing was in the super amp league: Transparency to die for, slam that you couldn‘t‘ believe for for a 50W amp.. Peter Moncrieffe wasn‘t wrong in his review of this amp: this thing is in the Sterreophile Class A component category hands down. Even after all these years.
What components have you encountered that have defied time and can still kick butt today?
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I have a Robertson 4010 in my collection. I will have to get it out and hook it up in place of the Sumo Andromeda powering the DCM Time Windows (a formidable combination!).
  1. Thorens TD-124 Mk 1 - circa 1958 (restored and working well)
  2. Garrard Type A70 Mk 2 - circa 1966 (modified and working well)
  3. Dynaco ST-70 (two) - circa 1961-1964 (enhanced and in service)
  4. Lazarus Cascade Basic pre - circa 1988 (restored and in service)
  5. Merlin 3B+ speakers - circa 1989  (restored and working well)
Technics SP 10 MK3       
Cary 300SEI     
Quad 57’s
I have a few systems in the house, but I use my vintage setup the most...Thorens TD-160 > Sansui AU-999 > DLK 1 1/2. This system continues to outperform my modern equipment.

I'm super intrigued by the Robertson now!