Second Hand Classic or New Guy on the Block?

Based in the UK, I am looking to purchase speakers to replace my current JM Lab Mezzo Utopia's. They are fantastic speakers but I need something a little smaller to suit a variety of rooms - I move a lot. What I am thinking about is something like a Sonus Faber Extrema - the Classic - or the Dynaudio Special 25 - the New Guy.

Although I am downsizing I don't want to lose too much bass, hence not looking at the Guarneri or Confidence C1 (to look at the same manufacturers). My present room is 23 x 12 x 11ft, solidly built and either average or slightly on the dead side wrt acoustics. I fire across the 12ft dimension and the Mezzo's work surprisingly well for such a nearfield setup. The rest of my system is:

Sony SCD-777es (transport)
dCS Purcell/Elgar (dac and volume control - non DSD)
Pass Labs X600
Acoustic Zen MC2/Silver Ref/Hologram
JPS power cables

I listen at medium levels, certainly not thunderous, music tastes from choral and symphonic through to rock, majoring on female vocalists such as Tori Amos. Want a wide, deep soundstage (don't we all?), with the speakers doing the famous disappearing act.

Would appreciate feedback on these speakers and also suggestions for alternatives. Budget is not really an issue.

Cheers guys,

Hello Colin,

I too live in the UK and have had all your equipment run
through my house. If you looking for something smaller,
why not a micro or mini utopia. As luck would have it,
I have a pair for sale :^)

Alternatively, look at the new Talon Hawks - they are
something special - or verity audio.

One other thing - if you listen to low volume - you
may need a pre-amp to give you the dynamics and soundstage
which otherwise collapse.

David Rapoport
While I cannot comment on the speakers you mention above, I should think a monitor like the Hales Trancendance One may work very nicely for your needs. Hand made in the U.S., they will allow you to "listen into" your very nice source components much deeper than many other monitors of comparable size. Highlights are extremely good build quality, bi-wireable, and the bass articulation and power are world class for a monitor it's size -- they will put many floorstanders to shame when set up properly.

Unfortunately, Hales are no longer available to buy new as the Hales Design Group dissolved a few years back. That means no warranty. However, these are fantastic transducers to audition -- if you can find them.

Good luck! JZ