Second break-in for Clavis De Capo?

I have a Lyra Clavis Da Capo that has been sitting "on the shelf" since the end of the CES 2001 Vegas show. My understanding is that the only time it was used was for a short break-in and for demo in a distributor's suite. Under 40 hours total time.

My question is whether the cartridge needs to go through another break-in or whether it's ready to go or do I need to give it another 20 - 30 hours before it gets some final adjustments?
try and decide for yourself, your ears should tell you
"sitting on the shelf since 2001"....why the rush now? The suspension may of dried up a bit, therefore, I would suspect that there will be a break in period.
Not really a rush as much as now is the time, the stars are aligned.
It's coming in after about 10 hours. Looks like it might be a "low rider" Lyra. Body barely clears the record surface with 1.7g VTF.
Dear Bpolleti: Yes, you need to give time for the suspension settle down. 20-30 hours?, I can't say it but as URU975 posted you are the best judge about.

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If the 1.7g VTF that you are seeing is correct, most likely the Clavis DC is a low rider.

You can send the Clavis back to us for a checkup. If nothing else is amiss, most likely a straightforward suspension adjustment will solve the problem.

Feel free to email me about this.

cheers, jonathan
Dear Bpolleti: You can't do better than with that J.Carr offer!!!!

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