Seattle, WA

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Audio Society

The Pacific Northwest Audio Society has been dedicated to the exploration and enjoyment of fine music and electronics since its founding in 1978. Although the Society is based in the Seattle area, we serve the greater Pacific Northwest and draw enthusiasts from as far as Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia. We meet each month for a new and exciting audio experience and our network includes many of the top experts in the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

We're a bunch of Audio enthusiasts with particular interest in "true to life" audio reproduction, who love to share our interests with each other: from our latest music or movie finds to the off-beat "look, I made a pair of speakers from a pair of tall-boys, plastic wrap and aluminum foil!"

Check out the Membership page for instructions on how to become a member. For about the price of a latte each month, you'll support the Audio Society and have access to a great audio experience each month and our ready-made network. If you’re in the area, be sure to join us for a meeting and see what the club is all about.

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Hello PNWAS,

I live in the Bothell area and I'm interested in what you guys are up to and perhaps joining your society. Not sure how you contact me with the new Agon rules so feel free to emial me at [email protected]

Thank You,

I wanted to bring this thread up again as I'm curious if this society is still active in Seattle, I posted here in January of 2013 without a response. I'm currently building a dedicated house 20'x30' as a listening room.

Thank you,