Seattle/Bellevue Washington Tech Needed

A neighbor of mind purchased an amplifier that was manufactured in Europe. It may be in need of a repair. The manufacturer does not presently have a USA distributor/importer, although one is actively being sought. In the meantime, the very cooperative manufacturer has sent a schematic to assist in the event an extensive repair may be required. Does anyone have the name of a first-rate, competent, reliable tech who could perform a repair? Someone located on the Eastside of town -- Bellevue, Redmond, Woodinville -- would be ideal. Thank you.
I was going to recommend Precision Audio, which had facilities both in Seattle in the Roosevelt neighborhood and in Bellevue or Kirkland. I had had units repaired at both facilities but they've just gone out of business.

Given that the amp in question is European in origin, I recommend taking it to Hawthorne Stereo in the Roosevelt district in Seattle. They have a strong bias and awareness of British audio. I recently took a VSP Labs TransMos 150 amp to them, which has been out of production for 22 years, with a schematic, and they fixed it to perfection in a timely manner and for a reasonable price.

In my 15 years in Seattle, this is probably my best home electronics repair experience yet.