Seating suggestions

I'm looking for some seating suggestions, but don't know if what I'm looking for actually exists. We currently have a sectional couch, which while great for family movie time, is not all that comfortable and doesn't work well when having other adult guests.  I'm essentially looking for something like 3 reclining seats (manual or electronic, don't really care) with armrests in between each seat (so 3 adults can have space) but have the ability to raise the armrests and turn it into more of couch for family movie time.  It needs to have a centered main seat, as I do use the same room for 2 channel listening.  That requirement seems to rule out a lot of what I've seen in the market.  Last requirement is that it's comfortable - I know that's a personal thing, but want something that has good support and can sit in for awhile without being uncomfortable.   

My room is only ~16 feet wide which limits choices to some degree.  Currently it's 17 ft deep, but looking to expand the space out to ~32 feet so purchase would be with that space in mind.  Ceilings are about 8.5 ft in the middle of the room, with bulkheads running the length of the 32 feet on both sides of the room.  Those constraints likely rule out risers for multiple rows as it's in the basement and management has absolutely no interest in a construction project to dig up the foundation for stadium seating.

Currently have 65 inch Panasonic VT65 monitor, but looking to add a projector in the future. Unfortunately I think it's going to need to be a ceiling mount as short throws are still wildly expensive.  

Any help appreciated!

I used to have a sofa with a built in chaise covered in microfibre and it was comfy. After I sold it and got some accent chairs, the mid and bass performance increased dramatically. If my listening preference is serious 2 channel, I'd stick with several thinly padded but comfy chairs and be done with it. 

Maybe, a loveseat off to one side could make up for the lack of a big couch, or one of those sectional pieces with no back big enough to hold two or three people. This is going to require some thought.

All the best,
Thanks for the suggestions. Overall the space is going to be a media room type of setting so compromises will be made!  I’m not a hardcore 2 channel guy but I have nice equipment which I don’t think is likely being utilized to it’s full potential for music so really trying to plan out the room redesign in a good way.  I bought all of my equipment with a bigger space in mind so no it’s optimization of the space.  Really the only immediate future gear upgrades I’d consider are a separate preamp vs using marantz 8802s for two channel and possibly a dedicated two channel power amp but the room I think has to be setup well enough to be actually able to notice the changes.   So at the moment I’m trying to figure out how to make it all work and the furniture is a challenging part!