Seas Cresendo Troels fav tweeter, 92db

I JUST NOW This minute, understand why.
Making the Cresendo worlds best tweeter , 2nd to none,

 WOW really shocked me. 
Not sure how i missed that spec...,,I could have sworn in my research last yr I thought it was like 87 or 89.
How did I miss it??

Progress at last.. :-) Wait an see when he finds ear buds... LOOK out..

Sliced bread territory.

No The Magnovox is gone, I am running the Kasun 3.5 paper tweeter, 91db
I have to aplogize to Troels 
If the wide band did not exist,
I would most certainly, get Troels materful speaker, 
CNO 25 Mark2, w/o a  doubt the best sounding xovered speaker. 
hands down , 2nd to none.
He uses  Jansen Z silver caps. 
I'd probably use Mundorf Caps.  SESGO 
6 of one half dozen the other.
Both are expensive, but required. 
And I;'d make the cabinet 1/2 his weight.


Look at ANY of the Aurum Cantus tweeters. AMT or ribbons then pick your size and preferred impedance.

I use G1s 2s and 3s ALL great.. Never used their AMT. I know they are good though.. I know AC products..

AND get away from paper tweeters, mercy. This is 2021 not 1921..

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Really OP look at the ACs 103 db @ 8 ohms 1 meter / 1 watt. 100 to 150 watt tweeter. Replacement ribbons 15.00 or so..

Just add a MB driver your done.. Shoot use your Seas it will work.. Cross at 1000 or so.. 2 or 3 order it will be close to the best speaker you will ever hear.. 

Valve amp.. Heaven,, Vinyl, 7th heaven..

Really OP look at the ACs 103 db @ 8 ohms 1 meter / 1 watt. 100 to 150 watt tweeter. Replacement ribbons 15.00 or so..

Just add a MB driver


Not sure whata  ~~AC~~ driver is??
Nor a  ~~~MB ~~driver...
OJ so there are other contestents other than the Seas Cresendo.

AND get away from paper tweeters, mercy. This is 2021 not 1921

Actually they are not bad,
My tech turned me on to the paper tweeter. After considering its design,, I figured it was the tweeter for chouce for my classical .
3.5 cone area allows for a  greater dispersion area vs a dome Cresendo at 3/4 inch. 
And your ribbon, are you SURE they do not sounda   bit tinny???
I had a  $50/pair AMT's , 2.2 cap, s off Ebay,, sounded a  bit weal, db was actually more like 90 instead of the ad stating 97db.
I am sure your AC ribbon has nice qualities at $300.
Cresendo /$300+. hummm have to go Cresendo, I'l old schoool 
But as I say, this 3.5  paper guy, really works for me.  It may not sound as great as the ribbon or  Cresendo, but hasa   3.5 inch cone, for a  superior soundstange. 
I will try to upload a  video,,, maybe in the testing of just the tweeter all by itself, will be exoposed a s a ~~~joke~~ ofa  tweeter, as  you, 1960's sound.
We will see/hear.
My tech friend, made the paper discovery when he was repairinga  Sanyo TV< he heard the tweeter after ordering the part,,and discovered the  tweeter made in Japan, voices human vocals, perfectly.
I 've hard the papper in his rat Shak, Nova 7CBs. I was imprsssed, So I order a  single magnet and this Kasun double.
Sure beats out the $50 pair AMT and the 1963 Magnovox horn. 
IF The  Aurum Cantus was as great as you claim
Why is it paired with the worlds worst sounding midwoofer as  here.
I just ain't buying 
I've herad others  complain ribbons havea   tinny sound.
OK so, I disconnected the DavidLouis 4 inch wide band
Left the W18's running with the Kasun tweet,.
Sophie Milman Beautiful Love test track,
'What did  we learn?
The W18's are just incredible , but as Troels demands with high quality drivers, high quality caps area  MUST HAVE. The Mundorfs really give that added  punch to low bass. and the voicinng of the W18's, 70hz-800hz, very musical, no distortion, no fatigue. 
I'd hate to give up what these W18's are doing fora  swap to troel's W18 Nextel 003's. at $415 EACH!!!! x 4 = $$$$$$$
No I am in good muiscal shape with the old Excel magnesium's. 
Still of gold value after some  16 yrs!!!!.
What else did the tests show?
WEll my tech friends Rat Shak Nova 7B's boast dual paper tweeets, 1 slightly offset fq that the other, 
That I could use a  2nd  Kasun. 
For sure. 
Is the ribbon and/or Cresendoa   superior tweeter?
But considering classical does not really reuire a  steallar top end, not like in jazz, this Kasun does all it is required to do. 
capture those rare 10k-15khz's with nice fidelity.
paper tweeters are still **The Bomb**
My tech geek swaers by them. I had to laugh when he loaned me a  pair while my Thors were being upgraded. 
I actually did not hook up his loaned paper $3 tweeters, as **trash*,, But then,, after hearing once again his Nova 7B's ?Sanyo paper tweet, I asked him ,,**can you loan me again  your  extra pair of paper tweets?**, 
They are cheaply made at $3. 
I was like,,,**huh?? WOW.. but how//**. So I reaserched and found the  Kasun 91db/double magnet,,,
Again, may not be everyones ~~ cup of tea~~ but they sure work for me.. 
But again, the Cresendo at ~~~92.5~~~.,. This might in fact be the tweet of all tweets. 

Troels pretty much says so.
He would know.
Not only is the Cresendo 5.5 db higher sens vs the old flagship , Millennium, (came out in 2000) , but the magnet is beefier. 
When i get some audio  hobby cash,  next year, I  will plan to ordera  pair of the Cresendo.
You know, that may not be a bad option. 
Vox/AC1A's for light chamber/solo piano + Cayin EL34
and a  2nd system
Defy7 +  /W18E001 Magnesium ( I LOVE Magnesium vs  paper, Nextel coated paper,,,hummm too warm?? I think so, = Magnesiusm is my cone material by necessity, as I HATE warmth.  coasted paper = slightly warm. = mistake going Nextel coated paper) 
+ Dual Kasun's  3.5 paper tweet.  + DavidLouis 4 wide band
 = The Frankenstein

~~~We are only limited by the limits of our imagination~~~~
Don't know if anyone wrote it this way,
But I am laying claim to this , my new mantra. 
Maybe the Psalms are finally sinking in.....

ACs 103 db

Yeah  I know i have been clamoring for ~~higher the sens = the better~~~, 
but 103 is a bit over the top, 
My Kasun's 91db sens, is more ~~intergrative~~ with the DL 4 inch 91db/W18E001 87db.

A paper 3.5 tweet sounds different than a  ribbom tweet. 

You do know, ne is not always better. 
The paper tweets we sneered at , back in the 60's70's, may not have had the best amp's behind them. Ever think of that?

ss amplifiers were the trash back then. Except the better Marantz. 

Good Lord fella. Read then type..

The paper tweeter. What can I say. I bought 10 for 1.00 25 years ago and still have 9 of them. I can’t give them away... I can’t bring myself to throw them away.. I can’t even remember why I needed ONE.

MB = Mid BASS driver, "Just add a MB driver your done.. Shoot use your Seas it will work."

IF you’ll READ what some of us post thing will make more sense to you.
That is my hope anyway..

That 315.00 USD ribbon driver will BLOW YOUR MIND. The little Seas full range (you’re already using) is just fine from 50hz to 1000hz. Use the ribbon or pick a smaller one or different type (AMT) all together. I’d use it with an 18db XO and your set..

G2si is 93 or 3% sensitive.. It's why they make LPads.. 

139.00 I think per unit.. I use all 3. 1s, 2s, and 3s. I haven’t found better for the price anyways.. BGs Neo3 suck the big one compared to the ACs.

This combo will work just fine with 5 watts..