Searching Virtual Systems

Hi all. I just read a thread asking for a nice system match under $2,000 or so. With over 1,500 virtual systems posted, it seemed reasonable to start a search there, right? Wrong (unless I'm missing something). Even though the folks who post their systems have put a lot of investment and thought into finding the right synergies, it's very hard to find a system that meets typical search parameters.

When people ask me to help them with systems, there are some typical things they are looking for. Price is one. Filling a certain size room with sound is another. Size of equipment is a third. Need for bass slam is a fourth.

Why not describe each system along these or other parameters so we can execute a search? Price ranges might be "under $2,500", "$2,500 to $5000" and so on -- probably breaking into $5,000 increments between $10,000 and $25,000 and then finishing with "$25,000 to $50,000" and "$50,000 and up." Current room size ranges could be something like "smaller than 150 sq ft", "150-250 sq ft" and so on. Could even do cubic feet.

I would love to search the virtual systems anytime someone asks me for some help or I'm looking for some new answers, but it's hard. What are some of the categories you think are important? Does the ability to search on those categories make sense to you? Can Audiogon do it? Is it worth asking all the existing posters to add some additional information to their virtual systems? Thanks for reading this long post ;-)
Hey, I agree with you. I think many searches can be modified. Your suggestion is a good one, I know I'd be more likely to brouse systems if something like what you describe was adopted by Agon. In addition, I'd like to be able to search for used components by brand/type/cost, ie, BAT/pre-amp/$2500 and see what turns up.
You've got a good point. I remember seeing a roughly $2K system listed under the "all Out Assault" category. I guess it's all relative.
If we all valued the same assets in an audio system,the whole matter would be cut and dry.Three people could have the same gear,but each choose a different set of cables.Synergistic to one person could be a splitting headache for another.I believe the days of experienced sales people are waning.Or at least those that would try many different combinations together and be able to deal in degrees/slight sonic variations.
Tpsonic, certainly different folks have different tastes. I suspect a discussion with a system owner (even via email) could lead to a discussion of those tastes and the characteristics of the system. It also pays to cross-reference with actual experience and reviews by others. For example, some cables are known to be darker or brighter. Your point is very valid that a system one person likes will not be liked equally by all. The search function would provide a starting point that could still save a lot of work and leverage someone eles's experience.
The search feature in A'gon in general should be improved. One should be able to search and sort by field, including price and brand.
I am not sure how that would benefit, it is all so subjective and personal, like another mans synergy is anothers headache, there seems to be a few rock solid rules, speaker placement, room treatments, and others such as isolation and power conditioning fall off the scale very rapidly as far as general importance. Also everyone for the most part seems to be in a near often state of flux....wanting to be improoved from where they are and what they have, so maybe the new thread could be called "this will work for this budget ____"
or "this will work till you want to up-grade" lol
And "synergy" no matter how one slices it is still just an opinion.
Chadnliz, that's true -- especially the up-grade part ;-)

All the posts here and all the virtual systems are also subjective, but I find them useful. A way to search for systems that meet certain criteria could help start someone down a path. You and Tpsonic raise valid points. Nothing is a slam dunk in this hobby and most of the fun is in the journey, but it could be nice to start somewhere.

Reading a few posts of systems within a certain price range would lead me to search other posts on those products and research some reviews. If someone wrote that a certain match was not good for a certain reason, that could also help. Who knows? Maybe I'm just an information junkie :-)