Searching Prior Threads...Worth Your Time...

Not trying to dissuade people from starting any kind of thread they want(With AudiogoN's approval)....but, is worthwhile to look through prior threads using the Forum topic, brand name...whatever.

The only reason I thought this might be worth people thinking about, has been the number of similar posts over the last week or so asking for suggestions on small speakers..seems there have been similar questions with some of the same answers.

Just food for, think I'll go start one of those Power Cord threads...
Although you make a valid point, it's important to remember that technology and equipment are alway changing, as are prices. Therefore asking an old question may yield new anwers.
Additionally, you may get a different set of participants answering your question, or individuals who have previously participated in similar discussions may have new insight.

I know what you mean about the small speakers threads. There have been at least 9 in the last 2 months, I know because I started one about 2 months ago, then read all the others that came along too. I got tons of great ideas, not all the suggestions were duplicated, but I agree the topic was redundant to a fault. Searching the forums is a must, and it turns up a treasure trove of information. I had an amazing experience yesterday when I searched the forums for info on biasing ARC amps. Not only were there several extremely specific posts in the last year about exactly how to do this, but audiogoner Abe Collins posted a link to his own website where he photographed himself doing the job step by step, including what his meters look like and how to use them, what the schematic he got from ARC looked like, even what his living room and dog look like! I was so fascinated by his photographs and text that I spent the next 2 hours reading through his whole website, he is a really cool guy who has very articulate views on what he hears and likes in his system. I bookmarked his site so I can keep up with the antics of his cute dog Elvis. Apparently, he has a live Elvis-cam that is usually on but is down right now. Abe, you are a treasure to the Audiogon site. I wish you were my neighbor so I could just drop my amp off with you for service!
Hate to say it but there has been threads about this in the past. Some members(myself included) will point this out to newbies and those who ask very common questions-my favorite is "who makes a CD player with Volume control?" must have been posted 300 times by now! The search engine at audiogon is GREAT it gives instant answers to 90% of my questions, no delay no fighting just in out get the info I want and done, time is money. A good idea to point this out because members are always coming and going so here's a friendly reminder ;) Good day

Oh sure Tim,.. my thread about threads being in itself redundant.

Kinda reminds me about what most of my female freinds have thought I am... redundant, or is that repugnant?
I myself have also harped upon doing forum-searchs from time to time. Appartently erroneously, because I was disappointed to find that not everything worthwhile has been saved (& I'm not referring to some of those awful insulting older threads that absolutely *deserved* to be deleted).
Case in point: a member was recently inquiring (the n'th post on the subject) regarding dedicated AC lines & installation techinques. I had previously done numerous detailed posts on the issue, & so I referred to the search engine in order to retrieve some reference links to them (for emailing to the guy who posted the question - I figured there's no sense in filling up Audiogon's hard drives with repetitive duplicate posts). Well guess what, I couldn't locate my older posts!
Makes me wonder about what other precious forum-posts have been lost? Like some of Redkiwi's & AlbertPorters discussions about shelving & isolation techniques - just one example of sacred information that should be not only archived but placed into an FAQ. I sure hope that those posts haven't vanished as well? Who knows what else has been deleted (by someone who apparently has no idea or appreciation of its' value to us members).
Once I realized what's been going on here I can hardly blame those who post apparently repetivite questions? Just because the old-timers have "seen this all before" doesn't mean that the info. is still available via the search engine for newer inquiriers. It's very disappointing to learn that this has happened.
As someone new to this forum I have a suggestion. Most forums, or other sites I use, place the search engine in the most conspicious place possible. Take a look at the asylum or Bottlehead. The text search is front and center. Here, unless I'm mistaken, you have to go to "other chat" and then to the bottom of the next page which isn't visable unless you scroll all the way down. Not the first place someone new is going to look. I confess I was here for a while before I knew there was a seach capability here. Maybe some of this could be avoided with one line of instruction: " Want Info Fast? You may search all prior posts here." and placing the search engine at the top of the new threads page.

Sincerely, I remain
I agree with Clueless. Once you're there, the forum search is easy to use, but it should be easier to access from the "new today" page...which is(I think) where most people start their time on A-goN. Hopefully this is of value to Arnie and all at A-goN, it could save drive/bandwidth.
As a follow-up. If they take suggestions. Mention Search Audiogon Forum on the page that shows up when you hit the "learn" button too. The only search that is mentioned there takes you to Hifiheaven.

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