Searching on Audiogon is Difficult...

if you're looking for T+A equipment.  I found 1248 items when I put T+A into the search bar.  Triangle Art, Tori Amos and about 100 other items unrelated to the famous German hi-fi equipment company!  Is this an AG problem or is there a better way to search?
I've run into the same problem vis a vis searching for T+A (and variants) on the forum.
I have no problem here at all.
The search engine thinks you are looking for the letter T and the letter A.
@noromance   Thanks. I think this was the OP's point, which I wanted to recognize and support. 

I realize what the search engine is doing. My work around has been to input the T+A model number (the number part, e.g. 3100) rather than the letters.

I also realize it's a one off...however, given it is a brand name that has listings and dealers on Audiogon, site support could set a 'hard' / 'fixed' tag that would offer better search results.
Yeah, the search also seems to ignore specific string searching like "T+A"
david_ten, thanks!  You got my point completely.  If you want to look for T+A gear on Audiogon, the current search parameters are not helpful.  There may be other brands that are similarly affected but this is the one that frustrates me.  Maybe a Moderator will read this and orchestrate a fix.