Searching for Sugar Man Movie is a must see

about Sixto Rodrigues, rock songwriter and musician from the U.S. that no one ever heard of in this country, but was and still is revered by many fans in South Africa and various other countries. Style a cross between Dylan and Feliciano but better IMO. I just bought 2 albums on LP. Great movie!!!
This is a great movie (actually a documentary) in general and a must see for music fans! Don't even think about it...just go see it!
loved it
Does Netflix have it? Thanks
This is on 60 Minutes right now.
Wow what a story. It just about brought my wife and I to tears. We will be watching the movie and purchasing some music. I just cant get over the story. I'm glad hes still alive to finally make some money. What a humble man. Thanks for this post.
I went with my wife. It brought tears to my eyes, let me tell you!