Searching for perfect mate....Mono Cart and VPI

Of course,nothings perfect,but we do try.After months and months of negotiations I have secured a retired VPI TNT 3 with a JMW Memorial tonearm.I am putting this table back into service as a dedicated MONO machine and need some good suggestions on a great match with a Manley Steelhead (version 2) phono preamp.About 2,000 budget for a mono cart to dance into infinity with the TNT,JMW and the Steelhead?
Miyajima would be a very safe bet. Many rave reviews, which led me to get my Miyajima Zero. There is also now an even higher end mono from them, which is around $2k IIRC.
The Ortofon Cadenza Mono ($1,300) is a very nice mono cart!

If you can stretch a little more, check out the Lyra Kleos Mono at $3,500. I heard it on the all-new Brinkmann Spyder turntable and it's a spectacular mono cart!
I really like the Audio Technica AT33 family. I got my AT33PTG/ll from 2juki on eBay.
So what is the best source for Miyajima carts?