Searching for passive subwoofer...

I know that I can get passive one searching pro-audio shops, but is there any high-definition ones available?
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I have 3 pairs but none are being made currently. The best is Nelson Reed 1204s. Uses 4 12" Volt drivers a side , 2 in front 2 in back of a 4 or 5 CF cabinet. Will do 120 db down to 20 Hz supposedly, I haven't ever driven it that hard but on the 1812 the cannon shots are something else. Kavi Alexander use to use them in his monitoring system at Water Lily, may still. The older Hsu woofers are also good, I have the 10" and 12" ones. Just a tube with a woofer in one end but worked well.
Decware offers DIY subwoofer cabinet plans/kits. You may want to contact them to see if any of these work for you. If you find something that works, Meniscus Audio is one (I'm pretty sure there are others out there) company that will supply drivers/materials and build from your plans. Never heard these products, so I can't speak to the results - just FYI.

Good Luck

VMPS is the only one I know of.
BTW, the giant Dec Imperial Horn design might seem expensive for a DIY kit at > $1K, but it is pictured (see their web site) with a naked lady reclining inside the cabinet. If she is included at that price, it's probably a good value.


PS The more realistically sized models are also more realistically priced.
The best sub I ever had was a Snell 18" sub. It needs some serious power and has a monster cabinet.
Take a look at the TBI website, they offer passive and powered subs. Good luck
I use VMPS passive subs, they have different sizes to fit your needs.

I have a Snell 18", like Jab mentions. It is a beast, though, so large I'm thinking of posting it for sale. Problem is, it would have to be a pick-up because it's so large and I don't have packing. I don't think it needs as much power as Jab suggests, but it is a good one.
i'm a big fan of passive subs, which i believe have certain audible advantages incident to using the same amplification as the mains. i've had good luck finding very inexpensive units on ebay--i currently own a jamo passive, which is terrific; i've also seen old svs passives pop up occassionally, as well as polks.
Green Mountain Audio's Hammer Lite is an exceptional performing passive sub. Disclosure: I sell 'em, Departure Audio.