Searching for matching(?) Subwoofer solution

Hi folks,

I have a relatively new setup in my home office (12' x 14' with hardwood floor) and am seeking recommendations for a subwoofer solution.

Speakers: Ologe 5
Preamp:    Bryston P26 
Amp:         Forte 1A
Budget:     Flexible but just want something to provide a good match for the above components.
Music:       Mostly Classical and Jazz.  Some rock, some fusion.
Source:     Well, that's something else I am seeking advice on too and will post under the appropriate discussion topic

Problem is none of the local Hi Fi shops here in the Boston area have any experience with, let alone heard of Ologe speakers.  Couldn't get any recommendations there.

Has anyone owned or at least listened to these speakers? Or any of the other Ologe speakers?
The Ologe site ( features a subwoofer called Ologe 20 at USD $8550.  
Just wanted to look into alternatives before dropping over 8 grand on the Ologe 20.
 I am open to but don't know much about subwoofer swarms.

I am not looking for anything overkill.  Just a subwoofer solution to nicely complement my somewhat modest home office system.

Here is my favorite site that explains in detail how the swarm works.If you scroll down past what is offered for sale,there is much to learn there

I have never heard of or seen, in my life, and I am at retirement age too as you are and have seen and heard a lot - anything like the psyco bass bable b******t you actually take the time to write here and spew.


Please don’t be dissuaded from ever posting here again. There really are some cool folks here that are willing and able to answer and share with you in a nice, considerate and courteous manner.

Thank you for your original post question as I got to share some of my very limited experiences (not knowledge) with you and others when trying to decide what subwoofer(s) brand to purchase. Please comeback.
"You’ve already acknowledged that there are zero commercially available music recordings on any format with stereo bass content below 80 Hz, since you’ve previously stated you had to revert to recording your own content with stereo bass below 80 Hz.
cleeds: "I never, ever said that. Ever." 

Hello cleeds,

You never stated this, ever? This is a direct quote from your previous post on 8/12/19: 
"It’s amazing how just how common the "all bass is monophonic" canard is and how reluctant some audiophiles are to reject it. After all, it can be resolved by listening, especially if you make your own recordings."

You never stated this, ever?
Correct. I never stated there "are zero commercially available music recordings on any format with stereo bass content below 80 Hz" or that  I "had to revert to recording (my) own content" to get stereo bass below 80 Hz.

I'm not sure why you keep insisting that I said that, but you're free to believe whatever you like.

whatever you do, speaker setup and room should be considered  as well. Since your not doing a dedicated space, there’s going to be several issues by default.

You won’t know what your speakers will sound like until that’s found.