Searching for Fender Rhodes in Jazz or Fusion

Looking for recordings in jazz,fusion,or vocals with the fender rhodes electric piano. I'm stuck in the seventies and just don't hear enough of it these days. Any info is appreciated although I'm really after the mellow or laid back sounds of the 70s and 80s.
On that comes to mind is "The Philadelphia Experiment" with Uri Caine on Fender Rhodes and Hammond B3, Ahm,ir Thompson on drums and Christian McBride on Bass. (RopeaDope records #93042-2)
Try Donny Hathaway Live.
Bob James likes to use a Fender Rhodes quite a bit. He had a number of albums in the late 70's and early 80's. The "Theme from Taxi" was one of the more famous tunes he did with a Rhodes.
Johnmilner, if you remember Jeff Beck's masterpiece "Blow By Blow" you would probably remember the wonderful Rhodes piano palyed by Max Middleton. His new release is absolutely incredible. His Rhodes sound goes back to Cat Stevens.

Below is an excerpt from the RL-2 records website:

Max Middleton's new Chill Out Jazz album 'Land of Secrets' is now available on RL-2. His Fender Rhodes keyboard work has appeared with Jeff Beck, Chris Rea, Kate Bush, John Martyn, Hummingbird, Beck, Bogart & Appice, Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones) and the Beatles producer George Martin.

Max has been around. Great stuff.
Try Xaver Fischer Trio (german label Unique Records}.I'll bet you will email me and thank me.
BTW, for anyone who may be interested, you can sample Max Middleton's new album on the link below. It will also provide you with availability as it is very hard to find Max's albums.

Enjoy, Ed.
cannonball adderley quintet-mercy mercy mercy(live at the club) of the greatest of all time.
Really like Zawinul w/ Adderly too. Ahmad Jamal Outertime Innerspace is great, same goes for most of George Duke's early 70's stuff on MPS. The work he did w/ Zappa (Grand Wazoo, Blessed Relief for one) is cool too. The Mwandishi, Herbie Hancock (Complete Warner Bros. Recordings) 2cd set gets you 3 of his funkier records (all w/ Fender Rhodes). The Italian band Perigeo, especially on Genealogia, (1974) has some excellent electric piano on it that really sticks in your head.
When you say you're stuck in the 70's I assume you're talking Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock and such. Lots of distorted Rhodes there. Or you could mean Joe Sample and George Duke and their like, with that funky Rhodes sound. Or Jan Hammer, or Bob James ... each with their own genre to be sure.

Brings back a lot of memories. Nope, not a lot of that around these days. The Rhodes was one of the instruments of choice for a while there, to be sure. Then of course there was the Wurlitzer too, with it's own sound (I owned one of those).

Bob, what I find most interesting is that the Rhodes, along with the Hammond B3 and the Mini Moog are ALL on the way back. Restored Rhodes pianos are selling for more than when they were new. A LOT more. A Hammond B3 with say....a Leslie 760? Over $8000.00 in today's market. I sold my B3 in 1983 for $1200 and I was begging the person to take it!

Once again, digital just can't reproduce all of the wonderful gentle nuances that the older keyboards had to offer. I presently own a Yamaha P-120 88 note keyboard. Although the voicings are incredibly realistic, they still don't sound like the real McCoy.

At least not like my last 1966 Rhodes 73 Stage with TUBES, or my Leslie and Hammond with TUBES.

Hmmm..... Technology........what a joke.
Chick Corea's "Light as a Feather" is one of THE classic jazz/fusion albums with Rhodes. Also Freddy Hubbard's "Red Clay" with Herbie playing Rhodes (& organ on 1 track). Two of the best jazz, or jazz fusion albums from the early 70's!
Brings back fond memories...the fender rhodes is back in fashion again.Try some of these: George Duke,The Crusaders,Joe Sample,Chuck Mangione,Chick Corea,Return to Forever,Stanley Clarke,Al Dimeola,Billy Cobham,Jean-Luc Ponty,Frank Zappa,Toots Theilmans,Bill Evans,George Benson,David Sanborn,Tom Scott,Steve Khan,Bob James,Weather Report,Santana,Shawn Phillips,Peter Frampton,Roberta Flack,Hall&Oates,Bread,David Gates,Burton Cummings,Barbara Streisand,Bee Gees,Carly Simon,The Carpenters,Tom Petty,Pink Floyd,Traffic,Donny Hathaway,Herbie Hancock,Jeff Beck,Max Middleton,Rod Stewart,Alice Cooper,Styx,etc,etc,etc
the youngbloods-earth music,elephant mountain,ride the wind.
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