Searching for CD/DVD Player with volume control

I have an Oppo 970HD DVD player that I run directly into a power amp, using the Oppo's volume control to operate the loudness level. This bare bones 2 channel system is for music and movies alike.

I'm looking to step up to a better DVD/CD player for improved CD playback while keeping the bare bones set up. My budget is up to $400 on the used market.

What are my upgrade choices for a DVD player with variable output?
Marantz, Cambridge, Arcam, Pioneer, Denon, etc?
This is from the other day : ( yesterday )

The only thing that has changed is your budget, and that was only $100. Do you think that by going up $100 more that this will expand your options ?

A few members offered suggestions and maybe what you are wanting in this price range cant be found and expectations are set to high.
That is why I am asking.

Suggestions include modding my Oppo which is to expensive, and adding a DAC which would eliminate the volume control to my power amp. Neither of these help.

I noticed that the Cambridge 540 DVD player had a volume control on the remote, but I don't know if it controls its audio output, or if this older unit is better than the Oppo.

What about other brands...that is my question. Does anyone have experience with another DVD player. I know many cdp have volume controls, so I'm asking about DVD players.
If there were other options that were in your price range, I am sure members would have mentioned this, but as you see, you are limited.

Why not just keep what you currently have ?
Definitely the Oppo 983!
I dont see beating the oppo for $400.
Concur. Oppo is really the only option and the 983 looks to be a good one all around in audio and video.
I just found out about the Panasonic BluRay player for 4 bills from best buy. Plays Bluray, DVD upsampled to 1080P, and CD w/ 24/192 audio DAC. It has 2 channel analogue out w/ volume, I'm told. I'm going to check it out at Best Buy. I don't know about its DVD and especially CD quality...yes, especially redboook cd playback.
It's upscaling of DVD is crap. It's also highly unlikely that its two channel would best the 983. What you're paying for is the Blu-Ray capability. Add to that the fact that it doesn't internally decode any of the advanced audio codecs and it's a poor choice even for that function.

You seem sure of yourself. Have you had a chance to listen and see the Panasonic dmp bd30 BluRay player? I'd like a more detailed assessment other than its crap. And what "advanced audio codecs" do I need to listen to redbook CDs? (I'm not sure what you are talking about)

With BluRay the future for movies, it seems like a good candidate for movies.

And its upsampling of DVDs. Is it be worse than my Oppo 970 that upsamples to 1080i?

The main reason I'm hesitant to step up to the Oppo 983 is that I have read that, while its DVD performance is phenomenal, its CD performance is not as good as the 970, and even a bit etched sounding.

Your further comments would be appreciated Bar81, or anyone else with experience with this player.
Knock yourself out:
Id take a heavy look at the panasonic bd-50 thats just released.
Thanx Sthomas12321. I will research it.