Searching for a Integrated Amp under $2K

Power should be at least 50w/ch, prefer Hybrid. Looking for Warmth, Detail, Presence, Soundstage, etc. Am on the fence with the Vincent SV500, wish it had XLR.  Was looking at the Cambridge line, Azur however, reviews are littered with reliability issues, i.e.China.

Will be streaming at some point, and initially will use CDs for my source. So, a high quality DAC in the the Integrated would be a plus, but, not necessary. Want to build a decent system, and not be constantly upgrading, and losing money.

Room is 18x13,  have Polk SDA2s, Emotive ERC3 CD, Sony Integrated Amp, (using temporarily), until I settle on a replacement, integrated amp,  in terms of openness, soundstage, accuracy, etc, etc..

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

Unico SE or similar from them. Sound is beautiful, slightly warm and great with most types of music. 
You might consider a BAT VK300x. If you’re willing to buy used you might find one around $2k.
Agree Unison Unico integrated would give you exactly what you’re looking for.  There’s a Unico Secondo on US AudioMart listed at $2500 but should be $2000 or even a little lower if you feel like haggling.  Or you can get a Unico Primo new for $2395 that still puts out 80Wpc, and I believe the importer Fidelis offers a return policy if it fails to impress.  Best of luck. 
Schiit Ragnarok is 60/w, XLRs, sold with or without the DAC module. Not a hybrid though.

Rogue Sphinx v3 is a solid 100w hybrid, but no XLR.

I just thought XLR was a better way to send signals, versus RCA jacks?  Maybe it is not that big of deal?
Sony TA-A1ES, SS Class A, not a hybrid but sweet and transparent 

Heaven 11 Billie, hybrid but no XLR input which IMHO doesn't matter 

Rogue Audio Sphinx 3 as others have mentioned

Sony TA-A1ES, SS Class A, not a hybrid but sweet and transparent

i concur... this sony is VERY under-rated and under appreciated - it is outstanding

it is right up there with the naims and hegels in the roughly 100 wpc category in terms of sound quality
My Marantz PM8006 delivers most of what you reference except internal dac. I was ok with that because dac technology is changing quickly. You can get it new for $1000. Belles Aria also comes very highly rated for just under $2k.  I am interested in that as an upgrade but have not heard nor pulled trigger blind. I prefer to buy new. Parasound HINT is a very nice integrated which you could probably get in your range used. I have heard it and liked it for the reasons you mention and it has a dac and is well powered. I had bad luck with Cambridge Audio gear...sounded good but did not have longevity. 
leaving aside the sony, i agree that hegel units are no brainers... well built sound wonderful w understated style -- low profile but do the job brilliantly, improve the sound of many speakers with their outstanding damping factor
I would suggest a used NAD M2 integrated amp - 200+ wpc, has built-in DAC, and can accept both analog inputs and several formats of digital inputs including AES/EBU.  Was listed as Class A integrated amp by S'phile in the past. List price of $6000, but used ones come up every so often on A'gon for $2k to $3k. I have owned one for years. It's easy to operate and has a remote. Best of all, great sound from my Thiel speakers.
Parasound Halo Hint should be available used has just about everything, sounds great too. Stereophile A rating.
Ayre AX-7e has XLR   its on the warm/neutral  side, but great dynamics and sounstage.  the other amps mentioned above, are toys compared to the Ayre-7e.   

Electrocompaniet ECI-3  would also be a great choice. these will give you  a true hi-end audiophile sound...