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Over the years, I've often owned systems with sonics that lean toward the polite, dry, and British side of the spectrum. I've tried many small monitors, including B&W, Totem, Sonus Faber and Spendor, driven by solid state, tube and hybrid integrated amps.

I'm now looking for something with a looser, less reserved sonic need to be ruler flat or accurate in an analytical manner...just play the music with a relaxed, involving, "jucier" presentation.

Anyone have any suggestions for a sanely priced, full-range system that would get me there? ...or help me move in that direction with the equipment I already own? Right now I have the big Spendor SP100 monitors, an Ensemble 100w hybrid integrated amp, and Meridian G08 CD player.

I listen to a wide range of music, much of it in the singer-songwriter (Rikkie Lee Jones) category, and love any type that throws a huge acoustic space in my room.

Thanks all!
the Spendor SP100 monitors are excellent why not try playing around with your environment such as room acoustics and treatments. You might find out that your gear is much better than you thought.
Are the Spendors "tube friendly", i.e., 6 ohm or higher impedence, flat impedence curve, no major phase anomolies? How much ss or tube power do you think you need? The music you are talking about lends itself well to tube and perhaps OTL amplifiers.
I have a feeling if you swap out the Excellent, yet "laid back" Meridian G08; for a Naim CD5x you'll get very close to what you are listening for.
I had a nice setup for awhile with the Naim CD5x (dynamic or boogie factor), Van Alstine 550ex (hybrid), Wharfedale speakers (British), & a Placette preamp... that what was similer in sound quality to what I believe you seek.
The Naim may make the difference and put a few $ in your bank account.
The Spendors are also laid back, but the Naim overcame that fact with the laid back Whafedales I had. I am not familiar with your amp, so I'm not certain what that brings to the table.
Gallo Nucleus series speakers.
the spendors are 'keepers' for sure. you could go with a more lively speaker, only to find much of music collection wouldn't sound as inviting.
Naim cd5x and supernait, keep the speakers
Thanks for the great opinions.

The Naim gear sounds interesting, but from the limited amount I know about it, I had the perception of Naim sounding tight and rhythmic (PRAT), not loose and relaxed.

Have any of you combined tubes with the Naim CD5x? How's that work out?

Thanks again all...
Bob R