searching a new pair of speakers

hello guys ;

i'm searching a new pair of speakers for my system. i cant make a choice without any recommendations. please give me some advice about a suitable main speakers for my system.especially i want to choice one of these : bw 803, maggies mg 20, silverline sonata II, jmlab electra 926..., dunlavy sc IV. and also your recommendations etc......

i generally listen jazz( bass,piano.drums), vocal jazz, classic (orchestral or chamber) and opera. my system is classe ca 200, sonic frontiers line 2, wadia 830, cardas golden hexlink five and silver audio hyacinth. my room is apprx 40 meter square.

thank you, all....
You should audition the Legacy Audio Focus 20/20 loudspeakers if they are in your budget. They retail for $6400.
With your choice of music I would go with non-speaker speakers------Maggies or MartinLogan Odysseys. Are they speakers or are the musicians in the room----I can't tell!!!!!!!!! Don't get a "BOX"!! It sounds like a BOX!!!!
I own the silverline's, a very detailed speaker. They would work well with your music taste, I use them with all solid state equipment. Their primary use is for home theater and DVD audio. Hope this helps.
You might want to check into some Dunlavys or Vandersteens. Both are time and phase coherent and represent true bargains in high-end audio.

The Dunlavys certainly don't sound like boxes. To a perhaps slightly lesser degree, neither do the Vandersteens. Both will easily surpass anything offered by Magnepan, which impress people mainly by offering a big vertical image. They and Martin Logans aren't even in the same ballpark if you're looking for accuracy. But not all people care about that.
Coincident speakers have treated me much better than most listed here. If you can, check out conquests or victorys.
If you have the room get the Maggie's. For Jazz and vocals I've not found a speaker that will match them at any price range. But, they do take a good deal of room to work properly and placement is critical. Once set up they are the closest to the real thing that I've heard.
Your room is big..that is a plus..I would suggest you Legacy Focus 20/20 ..also VMPS speakers are so good..RM40 is for $5000 and if you can afford to pay $10 000 then the new RM/X...
For all that what you listen i will recomend to taste a litle bite of OPERA speakers !!!! Thay are made for your the music and thay really sound great in all aspects !!!! Give it a goooo.
Especialy for tubes. Depends on cables too ????
Yamamuras are perfect match !!!
Check out Martin Logans, once you hear stats there is no going back to boxes!
I second the recommendation for the Vandersteens - especially over the B&Ws and the Maggies.
If you have the room and the budget, may I suggest auditioning electrostat speakers (Martin logans & Inner sound to mention a few).

Check out their websites and find out for the nearest
dealer close to you.
I must warn you that a good audition (if set-up properly) is very addicting.

Happy hunting...