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I'm on a search for a very specific type of integrated. I am upgrading my system from the top of the stream down. I go all digital / Lossless quality or higher so the logical start was with the DAC. I just received my Yggdrasil which I absolutely LOVE and feel that I got a much better value than I was expecting (even with all the praise online it met and exceeded my expectations).

My quest continues with the integrated. I am looking for a company that spends very little on marketing and works to move as much of the value for the money to the product itself. Very high value is important to me, I want to get value above the price and I don't want to pay for anything I don't need (such as a built-in DAC as I already have one). The more musical and the higher the clarity the better. My short list is pretty short- the SimAudio Moon 600i and Ayre's integrated.  Some other factors are below. I typically buy new but I'm open to a good value in a used product as well.

Budget (only for the integrated): $8K+/-
Music preference: classical, light rock, pop
End speakers:  It is between Accoustic Zen Crescendo / Vandy Quatros / Wilson Sophias / Revel Salon Ultimas 
Power: 150 WPC+ into 8 ohm

I had my first exposure to Schiit @ RMAF.

I listened to each and every can setup in the Jam tent,
and was uniformly unimpressed.....

You can do a lot better.......
Look at the Marantz Reference integrated line as well as the newest line of Yamaha integrated gear. These two fit your criteria, save for the power you'd like. As others have said, try more efficient speakers or see if you can get a try out/return program like Music Direct offers. It's where I got my Marantz gear from. They are great to deal with.

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100 people, 100 opinions!  :)

I'm one of those people that thinks that the amp and speaker choices should inform each other.  So my only comment is that if you end up choosing the Vandy, then I would urge you to seriously consider the Ayre AX-5 Twenty.  And vice versa.   

Good luck and enjoy.
I have heard a number of " miracle integrated amplifiers " To name a few, the Sophia Electric 91-03, Japanese Triode TRX-88PP,  Melody Hi Fi AN 845. Now find a speaker with synergy.

I would look speakers  that are easy to drive. Large crossovers, to me suck the life out of the music. I would also avoid shine looking drivers. Are they just for show?