Search for miracle integrated

Hello All,

I'm on a search for a very specific type of integrated. I am upgrading my system from the top of the stream down. I go all digital / Lossless quality or higher so the logical start was with the DAC. I just received my Yggdrasil which I absolutely LOVE and feel that I got a much better value than I was expecting (even with all the praise online it met and exceeded my expectations).

My quest continues with the integrated. I am looking for a company that spends very little on marketing and works to move as much of the value for the money to the product itself. Very high value is important to me, I want to get value above the price and I don't want to pay for anything I don't need (such as a built-in DAC as I already have one). The more musical and the higher the clarity the better. My short list is pretty short- the SimAudio Moon 600i and Ayre's integrated.  Some other factors are below. I typically buy new but I'm open to a good value in a used product as well.

Budget (only for the integrated): $8K+/-
Music preference: classical, light rock, pop
End speakers:  It is between Accoustic Zen Crescendo / Vandy Quatros / Wilson Sophias / Revel Salon Ultimas 
Power: 150 WPC+ into 8 ohm

I have a Musical Fidelity M6si which for me has been truly phenomenal performance wise. Given its relatively low cost it makes for an overall good value. I’d certainly plus 1 the recommendations herein for the NuVista 800 having never even heard or seen it in person. I think that can be had for less than 13K (probably closer to 10K).

One issue I do have with Musical Fidelity is with the company itself, not their products. They are "dealer only" as far as customer support and that type of thing. Personally I think they would be better served if they had their own forum and communicated directly with end customers. They don't even provide an email address to contact them if needed, only an overseas (if in U.S.) number. Essentially they ignore the end-customer. Not sure if this is a cultural thing but regardless it leaves a lot to be desired.

In keeping with the thread title, "I need a miracle every day" :)

I know this may not reach the Pinnacle of high end. I was recently speaking to an Anthem Representative. I was in the market for a  I225. Its a beast if an amp. He informed me that production had stopped on the model. I was able to find a great second hand unit with a warranty for $900.00 and I found this article on the 2016 CEDIA...

ANTHEM- Canada’s venerable high-end audio manufacturer has re-entered the two-channel space in a major way with the introduction of the new STR Integrated Amplifier. Anthem says that the STR Integrated Amplifier is features an entirely new platform and amplifier technology. The STR Integrated replaces the venerable Integrated 225 that has graced Anthem’s lineup for a decade. Anthem made the announcement today at CEDIA.

A major aspect of the STR Integrated amp is Anthem’s renowned Anthem Room Correction (ARC™) for the two-channel music. Integrated amplifiers have been traditionally abandoned by companies and left without the benefits of high end room correction. Now, with the inclusion of ARC, two-channel listeners are now able to optimize their listening experience and achieve the very best sound experience possible in their room with the ability to target specific frequencies based on ARC’s sophisticated room correction software.

We’ve had exceptional experience with ARC and consider it one of the best room correction solutions out there not only in terms of what it does but also what it doesn’t attempt to do. ARC focuses on the frequencies under 5kHz, which are non-directional and the most important to EQ. Users have the ability to tailor the frequencies that ARC targets through the ARC software.

Moreover, the STR Integrated Amplifier allows you to connect two subwoofers and bass manage both. The subs can be used in either mono or stereo configurations. An analog direct mode bypasses everything for a purist approach.

Anthem says that the STR Integrated Amplifier features inputs for moving magnet and moving coil phono cartridges. Also included is a high-resolution pre-amplifier section and high current, high output amplifier section. Anthem says there are eight bipolar output devices per channel, massive toroidal power supply, and Anthem’s Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM) for 225W at 8 ohms, 400W at 4 ohms, and 600W at 2 ohms, all with both channels continuously driven. It’s unclear at this point if the preamp section shares any similarity with the MRX/AVM 60 platform or if is entirely new and customized for specifically for the new integrated amplifier.

The DAC section features S/PDIF, AES/EBU inputs, as well as Asynchronous USB with support for USB, which supports 32-bit/384 kHz PCM, and DSD 2.8/5.6 MHz sources. The DAC section appears to offer a few advancements over the one found in the MRX and new AVM 60 models, which do not have an AES/EBU input. The amplifier featuring a stunningly beautiful front Thin Film Transistor (TFT™) display for an improved, high-resolution image compared to traditional LCD displays.

Anthem’s STR Integrated Amplifier is one of the few integrated amplifiers that can be fit into custom installation settings and controlled via high-end systems. The system comes with built-in ethernet and RS-232

Anthem says that the STR Integrated Amplifier is priced at $4,499 (US MSRP) and is the first of a new suite of premium two-channel / stereo products from Anthem. The STR Integrated will be available exclusively at Anthem dealers in early 2017..."


Just utterly surprised no one has yet mentioned the LFD NCSE? It has been properly accolades as one of the purest and most liquid solid state integrated offerings regardless of price (I think it is around $6K now).

I have four different reference level systems and one of my systems has this exact integrated in it. Very pure tonality, surpasses the Pass in transparency (which I auditioned against it).

The minor issues I have with it is that it is only 70 wpc, which I think is due to the fact that it only uses one pair of output transistors per channel (which I understand, improve transparency and liquidity due using multiple pairs for more output results in smearing comparably). Also doesn't have the ultimate bass power"heft" of massive amps comparably either (what does? ).

I do think the great reviews all over the net are spot on and not hyped up fan boys. And, for $6K, it seems embarrass most stuff I've heard under $10K from any other solid state manufacturer I've experienced. 
I would give a try to NAIM Supernait 2 with an external power supply (NAIM Super Cap DR). It's 80W/channel, but runs my Sonus Faber Amati very well.
Not that you don't have enough suggestions to sort through, but Blue Circle Audio meets all your criteria. I doubt there is anything more musically complete than their integrated amps at any given price point.