Search for miracle integrated

Hello All,

I'm on a search for a very specific type of integrated. I am upgrading my system from the top of the stream down. I go all digital / Lossless quality or higher so the logical start was with the DAC. I just received my Yggdrasil which I absolutely LOVE and feel that I got a much better value than I was expecting (even with all the praise online it met and exceeded my expectations).

My quest continues with the integrated. I am looking for a company that spends very little on marketing and works to move as much of the value for the money to the product itself. Very high value is important to me, I want to get value above the price and I don't want to pay for anything I don't need (such as a built-in DAC as I already have one). The more musical and the higher the clarity the better. My short list is pretty short- the SimAudio Moon 600i and Ayre's integrated.  Some other factors are below. I typically buy new but I'm open to a good value in a used product as well.

Budget (only for the integrated): $8K+/-
Music preference: classical, light rock, pop
End speakers:  It is between Accoustic Zen Crescendo / Vandy Quatros / Wilson Sophias / Revel Salon Ultimas 
Power: 150 WPC+ into 8 ohm

It might sound ridiculous but for around $9k would the vinnie rossie amp/pre-amp combo drive most other $9k combinations out of the water? That be more than enough power to drive anything. It does move me away from integrated but would it be worth it I wonder? 

The company seems to appeal to me as I love that they spend practically nothing on marketing and reviews seem very strong. No BS, just good sounding components. I took a chance with the $2.3k Yggy and was very happy but is a $9k gamble too much? Lol the sound would definitely have to be better than the 600i for me to consider that option.
Gryphon comes to mind Automatically the Diablo one of the 
first very high quality integrated amplifiers $18k 
Mark Levenson just came out with s new integrated 
another great one at less money maybe find used Vitus 
another new  comes from France Devialet very good sounding
in the $5-6k range coda makes a very respectable  integrated
the Coda is not as fancy  but very good sounding 
and Mcintosh the most bells and whistles probably last in this group just look inside loaded with $ 5.00 wins capacitores
it is well balanced but without question not the last word in low level detail. I sold them I can say through my own personal experience.
Hi Guys!
I just discovered this thread and wanted to mention tmh audio is the new US Distributor for YBA. 

All YBA products continue to be designed Yves-Bernard Andre and manufactured under his direction/management.

Lots of information on all models and reviews on our website.

As an aside, at one time we distibuted Japanese SET amps that were priced into the 6-figures. YBA is THE best sounding designs with the highest level of construction quality that have ever passed thru tmh audio. Yves-Bernard is an extraordinary designer!

People that are suggesting to start with the speakers are correct. Speakers have the most influence on the sound in a room. Besides, you'll want to decide on speakers so you know how much power (wattage & current) you'll need based on the sensitivity of the speakers. You've short listed some nice speakers with low sensitivity (86 DB) so an integrated without the muscle to drive them can leave you disappointed. 150 watts doesn't mean the same to every manufacturer.
Find speakers you love and that work in your room, then get an amp to drive them properly