Search classifieds by condition?

I would like to be able to search classified listings by conditions, it's not possible is it? I am a college student looking for beatup sonic gems. Seems like a valuable feature to me.
AFAIK, this is not possible.
Hmm, where's that hammer?
Far more useful, IMO, would be to be able to search by location or zip code. I'd much rather find local sales than have to have items shipped.

I'd like to search by price range within a category.
jax, you can search by zip code. On the main page by the search box, is the word "search". Click on that and you will see where to enter part of your zip to search items for sale in your area.
Hello Marco,

There is a zipcode search available. Try this to search by zipcode.

Just think, then other golden trash seekers would be far more interested and usually beat you to the purchase.
Spend the time and gain the advantage.
I would focus on brands. That you CAN select.
I would love to be able to create a watch list similar to ebay .
I would love to be able to create a watch list similar to ebay .
you can. Click on the '*' in the upper rh corner of the display for any classified, auction, or forum thread you're interested in watching, and it will allow you to bookmark that listing. Once you've saved it you can see your bookmarked items by clicking the * again. You can also see them by going to "mypage" and clicking on "my bookmarks".

Works like a charm. Thanks! All this time here and I had no idea. Thanks again,