Seamzeazy record jacket repair

Great product, just yesterday I had to try and bodge this using a bit of tape applied from the inside but this is much neater and more secure -- my order is placed!

ps LP was the Heron "Twice as Nice ..." which has to exemplify the most shoddy packaging ever in a 2LP set (2 LPs in one flimsy sleeve with a drop in insert)
For getting glue residue from old, poorly executed seam repairs off, try Bestine, a liquid found in art supply stores. It removes the residue, but leaves LP jackets, hi-fi casework paint, etc. undamaged.
A very cool and easy product. Thanks for sharing.

I have had experience with collectible book repairs and a great product for archival binding work is PVA glue. A small bottle is about $10 and will last for 100's of LP repairs. A tiny bead along the detached seam is all you need and won't add more paper material to the inside of the sleeve.

The Seamzeasy would be very good for fully blown out bindings or torn hinges.

Although they do not mention if it is acid free or archival which could discolor an album jacket over time through off-gassing.