Sealed Vinyl

I found a place that had a bunch of 60's 70's vinyl that was sealed. What a treat!!! Does anyone know of any places in Canada that carry the old vinyl that is sealed?
Not to rain on your parade, but is it possible that what you found were Scorpio reissues? Scorpio is a wholesaler out of NJ which has flooded the market with vinyl from digital sources, many of which I suspect are unauthorized. I hope I am mistaken and your find is genuine NOS.
Hey Stew, aside from the obvious, which is to listen to the record, is there any way to figure out if a re-issue is from a digital source or the original analog master tapes?

I heard Simply Vinyl out of the UK did the same thing. I bought Nirvana's MTV Unplugged, and it doesn't sound as good as I imagined it would... bastards...hahaha.
Not to rain on your parade...again...but there are a variety of machines that can shrink-wrap an open album.

Also, it's interesting that British LP's were never sealed, and people could actually go into booths to listen to the albums before purchase. And cheers to the British for recognizing, developing, and releasing waves of talent [the 1st British invasion in the early '60's, and again in the early '80's] when American corporations were too dense to recognize new talent.
More rain here,
I would be very cautious of these as others are, then after all that if they are original and that old the next issue is if they have sat in wrap that long the may have be warped.....sealed Vinyl is a double edged sword.
I simply follow the old adage, if it looks to good to be true, it probably is. Also, if the record is from the 50-70s and has a barcode, thats a pretty good tipoff that your looking at a reissue. Frankly, I rather buy a used record which is in mint or near mint condition than a sealed original.
sealed records are just like a 'pig in a poke'
That is: you have NO IDEA what you are actually buying until it is opened!
And a LOT of places reseal LPs.
I ALWAYS slit them open to look at them.
If they do not like it... so what?
If you are dealing with a reputable vendor, then slitting open a sealed record is not very cool. If you have a local brick and mortar store, you should consider yourself lucky. Mark-up on new vinyl is very slim to begin with. If the vendor has to discount the record further because it has been open, you cut into his profit margin even further. It all seems harmless until the next time you drive by and the shutters are down. I guess if you brought the record to the counter and bought it only to open it in the store to check that there is no obvious defect, that might be a way everyone is protected. I say this strictly as a consumer. I have no affiliation to any store. I only consider myself fortunate that I live in an area where I have a few retail vendors available to me, but I assure you, what is left is only a fraction of what there once was.