Sealed / Front-ported monitor recommendations

I have persistent problems managing bass in the room in which I listen to music. Every time I give rear-ported speakers a chance, I end up with the same problem - excessive, boomy, muddled bass. I have tried re-positioning the speakers to the extent that I can (really can't have them more than two feet from any back wall); changing the toe-in, bunging the ports (which I hate doing), adding bass traps to the corners, and so on. All of these changes help, but nothing has really mitigated the problem to a point I am satisfied with. It happens whether I'm using monitors, floor standers, or hybrid electrostatics.

I am now turning my attention to sealed or front-ported speakers. I'm looking for suggestions for monitors or small floor standers that are not rear-ported, and my budget is probably around $2,500 max. Obviously nothing known for emphatic bass! I appreciate any suggestions you might have.
I'm a staff reviewer for and right now I have in-house for review a pair of Wharfedale Jade 3 stand mount speakers. The Jade 3 is a three-way, three driver sealed baffle design. It retails for $1,500.00 and so far I'm quite impressed with its performance. Not just good for the money, it competes with speakers I have reviewed up to $5,000.00! Because the Jade 3 is an enclosed sealed baffle design its bass is fast and accurate, but still is warm and full boded and would work great in your acoustic space. The speaker is quite well built and is very attractive on top of its great performance
I would give DSPeaker antimode 2.0 a try it really cleaned up the bass when I owned it. Now I am using speakers with active subwoofers built in that can be adjusted to the room. Best of luck.
ATC might be a good choice. Great speakers and I think their monitors are sealed. Best of luck.
I own the Harbeth P3ESR and I think it would fit the bill! The
Spendor 3/5R2 is another great one for about $500 less. Keep
away from any type of ported type even if it is in the front.
Have you tried some form of absorbtion or reflection panels behind the speakers? I use some heavy wool rugs behind mine and the speakers are about 18" from the front wall relative to the front of the speakers.

I've had Tonian Labs TL-D1s (which are semi open baffle) and now have Clearwave Duet 6 monitors (which are rear ported) and have no undo bass reinforcement, muddiness or bloat. In fact, the Clearwaves measure +/- 2db from 1Khz down to 40Hz.

I'd experiment with some room treatment before giving up (if you haven't already done so) :-)

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Merlin TSM is sealed-cab, plays very well near the front wall, and should be within your budget. Call Bobby P at Merlin for info and pricing on the latest incarnation.

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I'm listening to great sound with Audio Note ANKs with silver wire and a Rel Strata 111. Both are sealed-acoustic suspension design. I've always preferred sealed boxes-very tuneful bass. IMO. I'm driving them with an LFD MK 3.
I second the Wharfedale Jade monitors. I listen to a lot of rock, and the bass on these things are amazing. They are very neutral too, I love them.
Thanks for the recommendations all. I'm actually going to give the DSPeaker AntiMode 2.0 a try, since the biggest problem across all speakers I've tried is undoubtedly my room. Thanks for that suggestion, Chrshanl37.