sealed bookshelf advice, to pair with jolida 1301

Hey all,

I'm putting together I guess a mid-fi system that'll fit on a small bookshelf. After looking at a lot of solid state integrateds and vintage amps/receievers, I think that the Jolida 1301 is going to fit the bill really nicely. I'm now looking for a pair of speakers (my < 10" deep requirement is much easier to handle in the realm of speakers). I believe I want them sealed or front ported since they'll be in a shelf and close to the back of a wall. I do realize I'm sacrificing sound quality by sticking the system in a shelf, but for now it's what I have to do.

So, two speakers I'm seriously considering are the NHT Classic Two and the JMLabs Chorus 705. I am also potentially considering the B&W DM600.

I'd love advice about which of these speakers, or other speakers you might recommend, would 1) work well on a bookshelf and 2) pair well with that jolida hybrid amp.

Thanks so much!
check out the gradient prelude.....sealed box with the same point source mid/bass thats in the large revolution. no ports, and can be placed in the open or against the wall, or on a bookshelf. huge sweetspot, and very, very 'quadlike' in the midrange. an overlooked gem of a speaker.
Another small, front-ported monitor that's very good at the price is the Usher S-520. Here's a Stereophile review.
I love my Soliloquy Sat-5's if you can find them. Quite heavy though. I believe that Linn makes a speaker intended for bookshelf use.
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You won't go wrong with the NHT SB2. I have owned a pair for a few years now. Speakers come and go quite frequently at my house, but the SB2s aren't going anywhere soon.
I use them as part of my whole house system, placed on bookshelves in my living room. They perform beautifully even with about 50ft of wire between the speakers and the amp.
Another speaker you might consider is the Spendor 3/5se. I'm sorry I sold those.
Good luck
Thanks so much for the advice. The gradients are beautiful, but I think out of my price range. I'd looked for Soliloquy Sat-5's before I wrote this, but it appears they've gone out of business?

I'll see if I can find the Usher speakers to listen to, glad to know that the NHT Two's would work well.