sealed 3-ways

happened upon this forum recently and was mightily impressed. would like some info from all of you if possible.
i'm interested in a sealed box (ac. susp., inf. baf.) 3 way loudspeaker for my main listening room. 2 ch music/theater. i've found only 3 to check out so far: gallo ref's, atc scm35, avi trio. any others i should check out?
price <5k. thanx
Look for used speakers from Hales, now out of business. Paul Hales was a strong proponent of sealed boxes and his speakers often go for absurdly low prices on here. Also I think that almost all of his models are three ways, do a search under Hales and see what you see. Happy listening!
Agree with Hales - also used Alon V's can be had cheap.
Though it has 5 drivers I would still consider it a 3 way, the Dunlavy SC IVA's.
The Vandersteen 3a Signatures are sealed as are the Quattro's. 5's and 5a's along with the 2ce Signatures.
One of my favorite speaker of all time, Dynaudio Confidence 5.
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Since ATC is on your list, you might want to check out PMC IB1. PMC speakers are designed in a very similar way (3 " dome mid range) and are also used professionally in studios.

BTW - they didn't have one vision when it came to speakers; Roger Taylor is a customer of ATC and Brian May is a customer of PMC.
all the above....hales,vandy, jond said, hales are at incrdibly low prices....they were a deal at the new prices
The Vandersteen 2ce is a sealed box, but neither an infinite baffle, nor an acoustic suspension design. They use a passive radiator which makes the alignment the same as a bass reflex design with the resistance of the passive radiator just replacing the resistance of the air that would have been in the port.
PMC are not sealed speakers. It uses transmission line design which is ported on the bottom. They're just using ATC mid drivers and that's about it. They do sound nice but totally different philosophy as ATC.
TLs, Sealed and Aperiodic enclosures all share similar characteristics in reducing the impedance peak of the enclosure at its resonance, which also lowers the overall Q of the box. They also share a 12dB per octave roll off in the bass region. You should get similar results from the other designs as you do with a sealed enclosure. The TL and Aperiodic are more efficient however.
Viridian, true but that "Passive radiator" is active at lower frequency's and not passive at that point. It is a very unique design with an overall "Q" of .7 A rather smart piece of engineering.
>Brian what is your budget? if you can afford go for the bigger ATC speakers, they work basically as closed box speakers, the openings do not act as your typical bass reflex, they are only there to take some pressure off the woofers.
i got SCM35s and am very pleased with them, great value, solid engineering and performance. one thing - you would need a good strong amp for them.
thanx for all the responses! a dedicated midrange unit is of primary import. sealed box prefered for integ. purposes w/sub. plus i feel the physics of sealed is appealing!