Sealed, 1st apple /James Taylor, JT album

This may seem strange but I wanted to pass this on. I just came back from one of my favorite "used" record stores where I bought a 1st pressing, Apple, sealed copy of James Taylors 1968 release of "James Taylor".

After looking at it for a few moments I struggled with opening it up. I reflected on how this album had been sealed up for 35 years, sitting who knows where only to be eventually consumed by me.

After opening it I felt a sense of loss. Like some how I had opened a time capsel, albeit too soon, and spoiled the fruits within.

Well, within the next 5 hours I will be at home and will take another bite of this "apple". I am sure I will enjoy it greatly, but I can't help but feel that I have opened the gates and left the garden.

If anyone else has experienced this or feels I am being too sentemental let me know your experience and take.
I think that you should enjoy it. What good is something you will never use. You are into music for the love of music so use it for what it is. Its like buying a nice car and always keeping it in the garage. The fact it has never been opened makes the fruit that much sweeter. Enjoy!
What if you came across a never driven, never sat in " add your favorite calssic car" wouldn't you feel a we bit strange taking it for a ride.

Don't get me wrong, I am going to enjoy it....but somehow there is a sense of loss.
So what do most people do with cherries? After you are done you can appreciate it and reflect back upon it's significance.
ramstl: i'm a record collector and can empathize with your mixed emotions at opening a long-sealed lp. my practice is to keep a few rare lp's sealed but have a duplicate to play. thus, i have 2 copies (one of each sealed) of all the important mfsl uhqr's and another 50, or so, other "important" mfsl's. (i had a couple of hundred sealed mfsl's but sold many on ebay at the height of the dot-com market.) now that you've broken the seal on the JT album, do enjoy it. -cfb