SE amp with low impedance speakers?

I currently have Dunlavy SC-IV/a's. They have a 92db efficiency/4-6 ohm impedance window......anyone paired an SE amp with a speaker of this sensitivity? or has anyone paired any other tube amps with success to a speaker of this type? I will be demoing an Art Audio Jota in the coming weeks (with specially wound transformers)so the speaker match should be good. Any Jota owners out there?
Single ended owners? Any info would be great. I'm done with ss.
Art Audio is probably the best choice. I have the Diavolo at 13 watts with Dunlavy SCII's and it's a great match.I have also used this amp in my other system with Dunlavy Cantata and it also sounds great. Let me know how it sounds with the 5 driver system.
High- I'm currently running modified Cary 805c SET amps on my Venture speakers, 3.6 ohms and 90 dB. Extremely good in my 24'Lx15'Wx11'H room. Not all watts are created equal! Good luck.
viva amps think about them.they drove sound labs 2 years ago at las vegas
I run Reynaud Twins (90 db @ 4 ohms) with an Audion Silver Night 300B SET and it sounds great. Not all tube amps create fly away bass with 4 ohm speakers, but I understand your concern. The best way to find out is to do a demo (hope it's possible). I read that the Twins never dip below 3.6 ohms (but have no idea how such a measurement could be established). Maybe they did it with Robert Klein's "every album ever recorded" special TV offer.