SDS suitability for 50-Hz motor Linn LP12

I'll soon be upgrading the power supply (and maybe motor) for my Cirkus/Valhalla LP12. Dealer of course recommends Lingo ps, but word on the street is beware of electrical backwash it puts on AC line, and I occasionally see comments about bass becoming a bit TOO lean with Lingo. And while used ones pop up for around a grand, the new one is supposedly much better -- but for full (ouch) retail.

The OL dc motor and outboard power supply look tempting, but comments from those who have made a similar move to this configuration appear to be mixed, with a few even commenting that they can hear the motor purring away during very quiet listening sessions. The VPI SDS looks promising as another alternative. But I have 3 questions for those wise in the ways of such matters:

1) If I go with a VPI SDS, I have to remove the Valhalla board first, right? I assume I just wire up the mains line straight into the on/off switch on the LP12, and plug the mains into the SDS single outlet. Is this right?

2) I brought my tt back to the US from England, so it has the 50Hz motor pulley. I know if I went with the Lingo the 50Hz pulley would stay, or if I went the OL path the motor would get replaced altogether, but does the SDS have enough range of speed adjustment to compensate for keeping the 50Hz pulley on the motor? Or would I have to get a new motor with the 60Hz pulley for North America?

3) I know even less about the Walker option; if anyone has any pearls of wisdom regarding thier offering I would appreciate those as well.

Thanks, Brett
I don't have any particular experience with the Lingo other than through other systems. The AC backwash you speak of is NOT something I could hear in these systems that were considerably more revealing than my own. I'm not saying this doesn't happen BUT, to my ears, I didn't notice any ill effects whatsoever. I would certainly caution you regarding mains voltage run through the LP12 switch. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be up to the task and would likely provide some unwanted excitement in your life. I would buy a used Lingo and if that didn't float my boat I'd sell it and the LP12 and buy another table.
I have a LP12, Lingo PS, Ittok LVII arm & Klyde cartridge. The Lingo was a noticeable improvement over the Valhalla PS and it is engineered for the deck. I'm not sure about the "electrical backwash" issue but the easiest way to get past that is to plug the Lingo into a different AC circuit than the one the main system is on.

I have had the Lingo plugged in along with the other components and also into a different circuit, when it gets right down to it I really can't hear any difference. I currently have it plugged into a different circuit but it may not be necessary.
My Lingo has neither backwash nor too lean base. So I'm guessing that it needs some other contributing factor to be manifest. So my gut goes with Lugnut. Get that used Lingo and be happy.