sds powered on constantly???

I have just received a vpi sds and wondered if it is better to leave it powered on all the time as I do with the rest of my system or just power it up when I want to use it. When powered up I use the tt motor to switch the platter on or off..........
i was under the impression that you were supposed to leave the turntable motor on and turn the sds on and off in order to start and stop your analog rig. i guess you can turn everything on and off as you see fit though.
Kgturner-that's how I do it.
Absolutely correct. I left my SDS power up for 7 years without any issues.
I leave mine on all the time also.
Did you guys notice an improvment in sound quality with SDS?
Would one of you guys give me the exact dimensions of the sds?

*Mine is 16"W x 3.75"H x 9"D

*Definitely a sonic improvement with my VPI Aries2 ext. w/ 12.5 arm. Immediately apparent with the first record played.

*I suppose you can keep it running All The Time, but I doubt there's a sonic reason to do so, and one advantage to using the SDS as the motor on/off switch is that the SDS can also be used as a reference to how much time is on your cart-as long as you're consistent about turning it off after every listening session.
I confess that I got my Aries and 12.7 arm at the same time and have not been motivated to audition it with and without for lack of a listening panel to help evaluate the difference. Just getting up and taking it in and out is enough to distort my memory. My firm conviction is that it is a considerable improvement, I did run the Aries for a little while without it at first. I thought it was an improvement then but I am not going to testify in court about it.
Lloyd Walker himself instructed me to remove the on/off switch from my Walker Precision Motor Controller, for an improvement in sonics. I confess I hear no difference, but mine is "on" all the time.